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WPF MultiSelect Control

An Intuitive WPF MultiSelect Control

Our WPF MultiSelect control provides the best way to select multiple items in a list. Customize and edit list items with a WPF checklist selection and tag editing functionality

  • Select multiple items from a drop-down list
  • Edit the list of items as tags
  • Support for autocomplete as the user types
  • Customize how items are displayed in the header
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Why Choose MultiSelect for WPF?

Quickly Style Apps

Effortless Selection of Multiple Items

WPF MultiSelect provides text input with auto-suggestion and a drop-down of options to simplify the multiple item selection for end-users.

MVVM in WinForms

Easy-to-Use MVVM Data Binding

With two-way data binding for item selection you can add the WPF MultiSelect control to your Views with minimal code.

WPF Tag Editing

Deliver WPF Tag Editing

The MultiSelect control can be used to provide WPF tag editing and label editing functionality. A bound data source is not required.

WPF MultiSelect Key Features

Format the Header

The MultiSelect control has a customizable header that can display selected items either as text or as tags.

  • Specify the separator character and enable wrapping
  • Configure the header to summarize the selected items once they go beyond a specified limit
  • Set the format string to show the item count
  • Specify placeholder text for when nothing is selected
Edit Tags with Auto Complete

MultiSelect supports text input, allowing the user to quickly and easily edit a list of labels or tags.

  • Use the C1MultiSelect control for tag editing with a drop-down list
  • Use the C1TagEditor control to get the text box element
  • Tags can be further edited by double-clicking, or quickly deleted by clicking the X
  • Both support AutoComplete and AutoSuggest settings
Multiple Data Bindings

MultiSelect can be bound to two different data sources.

  • The DataSource is used to fill the list of all available items that are shown in the drop-down checklist
  • The TagsDataSource can be used to propagate end-user selection to some other data source, with different data structures than the DataSource

You can access selected items from the control to be used as a data source for any other control.

Extended Selection Modes

MultiSelect allows you to select specific items (or all items) from a defined list. Control the selection mode (single, multiple, extended), to define how items in the list can be selected. Optionally, show or hide the checkboxes.

WPF Checklist Component

The C1MultiSelect control uses a separate C1CheckList component to display in the drop-down. Use this component separately to provide a checklist for a multiple item selection without the header or drop-down components. The C1CheckList enables you to highlight your selection as a checklist or as a simple list of items.