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Property Grid for WPF

WPF PropertyGrid Control: Visual Studio-Style Property Grid for WPF

ComponentOne PropertyGrid for WPF allows you to display, browse and edit the properties of a data bound .NET object. 

  • Includes several built-in editors for different data types and supports custom editors
  • Provides similar features to the Visual Studio Properties panel
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Why Choose PropertyGrid for WPF?

Visual Studio Compatibility

Replicate Visual Studio Property Editing

Our WPF PropertyGrid provides similar features to the WinForms PropertyGrid control such as built-in editors, custom editors, grouping, and sorting.

Quickly Style Apps

Save Time with Automatic UI Generation

Add the WPF PropertyGrid control to your page, set one property, and the UI is automatically built for editing objects.

Forms Over Data Objects

Quick Forms Over Data Objects

Similar to our InputPanel control, the WPF PropertyGrid can be used to quickly generate an input form to edit any object.

WPF PropertyGrid Key Features

Auto-Generate and Group Property Editors

The WPF PropertyGrid can automatically display a label and editor for every property on your business object. Or, you can manually generate the property definition to customize the grid. Properties can be grouped automatically by specifying the GroupName attribute on your object.

Built-in and Custom Editors

The WPF PropertyGrid control includes several built-in editors that are set automatically or manually. Available editors include Boolean, Brush, Color, Color Palette, Enum Dropdown, Image Source, Numeric, String and URI. You can also provide a custom editor using the ItemTemplate.

Nested and Attached Properties

The WPF PropertyGrid control provides support for nested and attached properties. When automatically generated, the attached properties show with a dot between the parent class and property such as Grid.Row and Grid.Column.

Additional Features


Choose whether to sort the properties alphabetically, categorically, both, or provide custom sort logic.

Property Descriptions

The WPF PropertyGrid can display property descriptions at the bottom just like Visual Studio. These descriptions can be supplied from the Description attribute on your object.

Custom Nested Editors

For complex object editing, the PropertyGrid control allows you to provide a custom pop-up launched from a button.