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WPF Calendar Component

A Modern WPF Calendar Component

Provide touch-friendly date selection or create an appointment calendar. ComponentOne Calendar for WPF can be easily customized with built-in formatting, styles and extensible templates.

  • Select a single date or date range across multiple months
  • Navigate months and years with smooth horizontal or vertical animation
  • Bind the control to date values and selection events
  • Customize the day templates to display data or add more interaction
  • Supports .NET Framework, .NET 6
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Why Choose Calendar Component for WPF?

Date Selector

More than a Date Selector

With customizable styles, XAML templates and data-binding, you can use the WPF calendar to deliver a lightweight interactive scheduler.

Configure Options

Touch-First Navigation and Selection

Use the WPF calendar component in a traditional desktop app with mouse input or take your app to a mobile touch-screen.


Deliver Modern .NET Applications

The WPF calendar supports a sleek, fluent style with smooth animation and gesture-based navigation for the most modern applications built with .NET Framework or .NET 6+.

WPF Calendar Key Features

WPF Date Navigation with Smooth Animation

  • Quickly pick dates with built-in support for a month and year views and switch among these views to quickly navigate to any date.
  • Navigate months by touch swiping gestures or mouse clicking with horizontal or vertical sliding animation.
  • The WPF calendar supports mouse and touch input simultaneously with no additional work.
  • Restrict the navigation with minimum and maximum date ranges.

Display Multiple Months

  • The WPF Calendar control (C1MultiMonthCalendar) has support for displaying multiple months in a single view.
  • This is useful for selecting date ranges that span more than one month.

Create Custom UI with XAML Templates

  • Customize the content displayed in the day slot, day of week slot, and adjacent day slots.
  • Flexible XAML templates allow full customization with support for data binding.
  • Add interactive elements within the WPF calendar to create an appointments, notes, and tasks.

Quickly Configure the WPF Calendar Display

  • Quickly configure the calendar display by just setting a few properties.
  • Choose whether to show the navigation buttons, adjacent days, and header.
  • Set the first day of the week depending on your local culture.
  • Customize the today style and the next and previous icons.
  • Change the default, disabled, selected and adjacent day styles.
  • The WPF calendar component supports Gregorian and Japanese calendars.