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A WinForms Combobox with Multiple Columns

MultiColumnCombo for WinForms provides traditional combobox functionality with added support for multiple columns.

  • Create a bound or unbound combobox with multiple columns
  • Add editing and searching functionality for your users
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Why Choose MultiColumn Combobox for WinForms?

Provide More Data to the User

With multiple columns in the dropdown, you can display additional information for the user to help with selection.

The Best Lookup Editor

In addition to multiple columns, MultiColumnCombo supports search and highlighting to create the best lookup editor.

Use Alone or Embedded

You can use the WinForms multi-column combobox on its own or embed it within FlexGrid, InputPanel or TreeView.

Extends FlexGrid

MultiColumnCombo extends FlexGrid and provides a light, rich datagrid within a simple drop-down control.

WinForms MultiColumn Combobox Key Features

Flexible Data Binding

The WinForms multi-column combobox can be created through data binding or unbound in code. When data binding, you can choose which columns from the data set appear in the drop-down and which column to display in the header.

Search, Highlight and Filter

Provide inline editing within the combobox header and provide runtime filtering and highlighting within the dropdown. This allows the user to quickly find and select an item from the dropdown.

Create Custom Combos

The WinForms MultiColumnCombo control uses FlexGrid in the dropdown, however other controls like DataGridView or TreeView can also be used to create a custom view.