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Dock and Float Panels in WinForms

ComponentOne DockingTab provides layout organization with tabs that can become floating windows or docked to different edges of the application.

  • Create a familiar docking tab interface with flexible behavior and styling
  • Organize a complex layout into many tabs or panels that can be rearranged and popped out
  • Persist the tab layout so each user can configure the layout to their preference
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Why Choose DockingTab for WinForms?

Create User-Managed Workspaces

Deliver customizable workspaces where end-users save the tab and panel layout between runs of the application.

Visual Studio-like Docking

You enjoy the panel docking behavior in Visual Studio. Now you can deliver that same experience in your application.

Complete Tab Control

When panels are docked together they become tabs. DockingTab can be used as a complete WinForms tab control with advanced features.

WinForms Docking Key Features

Float and Dock Panels

DockingTab provides WinForms floating panel behavior, where the whole control or individual panels (tabs) can be torn off and automatically docked to any other edge of the application or floated in a separate window. 

Visual Studio-like Docking

In addition to a default docking behavior, you can enable Visual Studio-like docking. This docking behavior uses a diamond interface making it clear to the user where the panel will be docked or floated.

WinForms Tab Control with Multiple Rows

DockingTab can also be used as a WinForms tab control with or without the docking capabilities. It can display many tabs in a single control. Choose to either wrap the tab headers to multiple lines or enable scrolling on a single row.

Auto Hide or Pin Tabs

DockingTab supports auto hiding, which means tabs can be minimized to the edge of the application when "unpinned", and slide open when selected by the user.

Additional Features

Tab Positions

Position the tabs along the top, bottom, left, or right side of the control. Stretch and squeeze tabs to fit the available space.

Tab Styles

Choose among several built-in Visual Styles, apply custom themes, and configure the tab shape to be rectangle, rounded or sloped.

Persist Tab Layout

You can save and load the layout of the WinForms docking control so that users can keep their layout preferences every time they run the application.

Tab List

Show all available tabs in a drop-down list so users can quickly navigate to any tab. 

Close Tabs

Allow users to hide tabs by closing them. Display a close button on each tab or on the caption bar.

Hide Tabs

Use DockingTab to host multiple panels of content without visible tab headers. This allows you to easily create multi-page forms like wizards in the Visual Studio designer.