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ComponentOne Subscription and Renewal FAQs

Renewal Rates

ComponentOne licenses include a one-year subscription that entitles you to product updates, new releases, and technical assistance. Maintaining your subscription ensures that you stay ahead of the curve with new features, support, and complete compatibility with the latest technologies.

Standard Support Platinum Support Standard Support Platinum Support
Studio Enterprise $1,495 $1,795 $765 $1,045
WinForms Data Services Edition, ActiveX Edition $1,295 $1,595 $645 $945
Silverlight Edition $1,195 $1,495 $595 $895
LightSwitch Edition $1,095 $1,395 $595 $895
WinForms Edition, WPF Edition $995 $1,295 $495 $795
ASP.NET MVC Edition, Blazor Edition, ASP.NET Web Forms Edition, UWP Edition, Data Services Edition, Studio for Xamarin $895 $1,195 $445 $745
Xamarin.iOS Edition, Xamarin.Android Edition $495 $795 $245 $545
OEM Licensing Contact sales or call 1.800.858.2739 to learn more.

Please email or call 1.800.858.2739 to confirm renewal inquiries.

Subscription Benefits

When you subscribe to ComponentOne products, you get:

  • New controls and products released during your subscription term within the license of the subscribed product
  • Product updates and upgrades released during your subscription term
  • A single serial number (per developer) with a single renewal date for simplified subscription management
  • Access to My Licenses, where you can manage your MESCIUS account online, verify subscription(s) status, update contact information, and more
  • Standard support services for the full duration of your subscription term, including a searchable knowledge base, peer-to-peer product forums, code samples, FAQs, newsgroups, and more.

Read about Support Plans


Commercial OEM Licenses

If you want to use ComponentOne to create your own commercially-licensed SDK or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Since use cases vary, Commercial OEM licenses are customized per customer.

Contact Us to Learn More

Subscription, Renewal, and Registration FAQs

MESCIUS offers one, two, and three-year subscriptions packages. Contact Sales to extend subscriptions to multiple years.

MESCIUS offers prorated co-terming—making multiple license management simple.

A renewal gives you the option to extend your subscription/product license for an additional year. Read more about the benefits of renewing.

Any current subscriber is eligible before their subscription expires.

ComponentOne products have a perpetual license, so subscribers can continue to use products received with their subscription after expiration. Your specific version license never expires. If your subscription expires, you may no longer use newer versions released after the expiration date.

Everyone who uses products within a subscription must have a ComponentOne Developer License. Contents cannot be shared with non-subscribers.

Yes, your subscription not only includes a year of product updates, but you are entitled to use any older version released before your subscription purchase date. This is helpful for developers maintaining legacy applications for older .NET Framework versions.

New licenses or additional "seats" may be added at any time.

Subscription licenses are offered through MESCIUS, or through MESCIUS' international network of Authorized Distributors and Resellers.

Upgrades are modular enhancements to select ComponentOne Studio products. These upgrades often provide new functionality, are fully compatible with the base product, and are easy to learn. Email or call 1.800.858.2739 to confirm any upgrade inquiries.

Register your product to ensure you receive update notifications.

To download the latest updates, click Download to install the C1ControlPanel, which allows you to install updates throughout your entire subscription. You don't need to download the C1ControlPanel more than once. Learn more about C1ControlPanel.

  • If you receive an expired message when trying to license your product
  • If you receive an official notice via e-mail, phone, or mail with renewal information
  • You can confirm expiration via Account History