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Microsoft Word Library for .NET Apps

Generate, read, edit and merge Microsoft Word documents from your .NET code with ComponentOne Word (C1Word) for .NET.

  • Supports Word (.docx) and rich text format (.rtf) files
  • Supports .NET Framework
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Why Choose ComponentOne Word?

Export to Word

Export any content from your application to Microsoft Word documents. Anyone with a copy of Word can access your data. It's that easy!

Read, Parse and Modify Existing Documents

Read and parse your existing Word documents in .NET code to load data into your application. You can also make changes and save the file.

Merge Multiple Documents

You can use the ComponentOne Word library to merge multiple Word or RTF documents in .NET code.

Easy Reuse

Easy Object Model

C1Word’s object model is easily programmable and provides all the advanced properties and methods required to generate documents.

.NET Word Library Key Features

Read, Parse, Edit and Build Word Documents In Code

Load Microsoft Word (.docx) and rich text format (.rtf) files into your application and programmatically read the content, insert or remove content, merge documents or and generate new documents.

  • Load DOCX and RTF files into your app and programmatically read/parse them
  • Merge multiple large Word documents into a single document
  • Create documents with different paper sizes

Add Rich Elements To Your Documents

Build Word and RTF documents with rich content including:

  • Text formatting (font, bold, colors, etc)
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Hyperlinks
  • Shapes
  • Metafiles
  • Table of contents

.NET Word Platform Comparison





Build and generate Word (.docx) and RTF (.rtf) documents

Load and parse existing documents

Modify existing documents

Merge multiple documents into one

Add table of contents

Add tables

Add images and graphics

Flow text into columns

Add metafiles

Export UI

- Generate documents using report templates
- Convert Word to PDF or Images
- .NET Core support
- Deploy to Azure

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