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Flexible .NET Reporting Engine

Fast and Flexible .NET Reporting Engine

Deliver quick and beautiful reports for your business applications, complete with data visualization and code-free report building.

  • FlexReport is a fast, flexible and fully-featured .NET reporting engine component
  • Distribute complete, code-free report design to your users on the desktop
  • Export reports through a Web API on Azure
  • View reports in WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor and Wijmo JavaScript
Download Free Trial (2024 v1)

Why Choose FlexReport?

Cross Platform Chart

Cross-Platform .NET Reporting

Generate reports locally in WinForms, WPF, or UWP applications instead of on a server; view reports in ASP.NET MVC and Blazor.

Increase Productivity

Lightning-Fast Performance

FlexReport is optimized with DirectX and SVG rendering, giving you the best performance behind a user-friendly .NET API.

Professional Styles

Code-Free Report Design

Design reports and connect to your data source without writing any code using the standalone FlexReport Designer application.

Migration from Crystal Reports

Accurate Migration from Crystal Reports

FlexReport supports all primary Crystal Report features, including sections, special fields, and formatting.

Report Viewer

Report and Document Viewer Included

FlexViewer, a flexible report and document viewer, allows you to view your reports and PDF files in desktop and web applications.

Complete Report Designer

Distribute a Complete Report Designer

Put the power of complete report design in your users hands by customizing and distributing the FlexReport Designer.

.NET Reporting Key Features

High-Performance DirectX & SVG Rendering

.NET Reporting SVG Rendering

FlexReport is optimized with DirectWrite/DirectX and SVG rendering. This enables you to take advantage of the best possible performance on the desktop and web without having to work with complex graphic libraries. The enhanced rendering sharpens text, shape, and border rendering and is 200% faster than its predecessor, C1Report. SVG rendering is supported on the web for ASP.NET MVC

.NET Report Designer Application

Design Reports with Ease

The FlexReport Designer is a "WYSIWYG" application that makes it easy to design reports without any coding skills. Drag and snap fields into the banded report sections, configure the data source, and export to a number of formats. It all begins when the FlexReport Wizard helps get you started.


Connect to Multiple Data Sources

Connect to a variety of data source providers including OLEDB, ODBC, XML, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, OData, JSON, CSV, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, QuickBooks Online, and Google Analytics. You can add, edit, or remove multiple data sources from the Data tab, including stored procedures.


Customize Your Reports with Runtime Scripts

Create your own coded expressions within the running report to provide more functionality. The .NET Report Designer supports a rich expression editor to add VBScript that can execute at runtime. For example, you can add conditional formatting to text in the report based upon values retrieved from the data source. The editor supports auto-code completion and Visual Studio-like IntelliSense.


Distribute Report Design to Your Users

With ComponentOne Studio Enterprise you get access to the FlexReport Designer application source code which you can customize or distribute as-is. Put the power of complete report design, preview, and export in your users hands using this WinForms Report Designer application for .NET Framework or .NET 6+.


Group and Aggregate Data

.NET Reporting Subsection

Grouping and Aggregation

Separate a large amount of data into subsections to better organize your report. Along with grouping, FlexReport provides intelligent aggregation (running totals) in your report. The running total (sum, average, min, max, count, etc) is based upon its position in the report. Display totals for an entire report or just for each subsection or group.

.NET Reporting Cross-Tabs

Create Cross-Tab Reports

Cross-tab reports group data in two dimensions (down and across). They are useful for summarizing large amounts of data in a format that cross-references information like a pivot table.

Additional .NET Reporting Features

Sort and Filter Data

Organize your data before it's displayed in the report with provided sorting and filtering features. Sort data in ascending order or drill-down to filter a record's details.

Calculated Fields

Calculated fields are useful because they generate values that are not stored in the database at runtime, such as performing a mail merge, or calculating the difference between profit gain and loss.

Report Parameters

Report parameters in FlexReport can be used to create subreports, pass multiple values to a field, create expressions for calculated fields, or help with large data sets using cascading parameters.

Embed 70+ Chart Types

Add over 70 different types of charts to your report. The FlexChart field uses flexible data binding and supports grouping and data aggregation.


Easily design hierarchical reports using the Subreport field. You can link multiple reports into a subreport automatically through the designer, or write a filter expression yourself. Subsection reports are collapsible.

Unique Report Fields

FlexReport boasts a unique collection of fields you can add to your reports including barcodes, shapes, checkboxes, maps, gradients, and RTF and HTML for formatted rich text.

Crystal and C1Report Migration

Certain features for migration like sub-sections, complex expressions, special ordered group and enhanced border styles are all supported by FlexReport.

Supports Azure Deployment

Use FlexReport in a Web API for exporting reports and exposing other APIs on Azure. This deployment option is supported on Windows only.

Save and Export

FlexReport can be directly exported through code or designer to a wide variety of formats: DOCX, HTML, XLS, XLSX, RTF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PDFA. You can also save the report definition file used for displaying generated reports in .NET applications.

Preview and Embed Reports with FlexViewer

With the separate FlexViewer control, you can view and embed FlexReports in your WinForms, WPF, UWP and ASP.NET MVC applications. The report viewer supports printing, export, thumbnails, rotate pages, search, and responsive layouts for mobile web applications. FlexViewer can also display PDF and SSRS reports.


.NET Reporting Supported Platforms

WinForms Reporting

The WinForms FlexReport reporting engine is the original version with the most feature-rich ribbon toolbar for displaying reports. The FlexReport Designer is also natively written in WinForms.


WPF Reporting

From building complex reports to previewing, exporting, and printing, FlexReport for WPF, provides the same ability to present data in a consolidated format. Generate attractive and feature-rich reports, and display them with a native WPF report viewer.


.NET Core Reporting

Add reporting capabilities to your other .NET applications with our .NET Standard C1.FlexReport library. Integrate reporting into your UWP, WinUI and Blazor applications.


ASP.NET MVC Reporting

View reports on the web with a mobile-friendly, responsive report viewer. FlexReport for ASP.NET MVC also includes Web API REST services with which the viewer communicates to load and display reports to the client.


.NET Reporting Demos

Desktop Demo Explorer

All of our WinForms and WPF demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Explore every FlexReport feature using the Control Explorer demos for .NET Framework or .NET 6+.


ASP.NET MVC FlexReport Explorer

Explore sample reports created code-free using the FlexReport Designer in FlexViewer Mobile, a responsive ASP.NET MVC report viewer for small screens.


ASP.NET MVC FlexReport 101

See coded tutorials step by step. The perfect demo to get you started working with FlexViewer on the web.