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.NET Document Viewer Control

Cross-Platform .NET Report Viewer

View reports and PDF documents across .NET applications with full touch support and file export.

  • Includes full-page navigation, search, and continuous scrolling
  • Export your documents to over a dozen formats including Word and Excel
  • Available in WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor, Xamarin and Wijmo JavaScript
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Why Choose FlexViewer?

Cross Platform Chart

Cross-Platform Document Viewing

View FlexReports, SSRS reports and PDFs locally in WinForms, WPF, UWP, Blazor, Xamarin and ASP.NET MVC.

FlexViewer PDF Support

Just Load and Go

Just load your document and you're done. The .NET document viewer provides built-in tools for viewing, printing and exporting.

FlexViewer Full Featured

Responsive and Touch-Friendly

With full-touch support and adaptive mobile displays, your documents look nice on any device.

.NET Document Viewer Key Features

.NET Document Viewer Toolbar

Document Viewer Toolbar

The FlexViewer toolbar is loaded with expected, and some unexpected, .NET document viewing features:

  • ​Search/Find Text
  • Zoom/Fit Page
  • Page Orientation/Rotate
  • Document Navigation (including hyperlinks)
  • Print/Export
  • Ribbon and Simplified View (collapsed)
.NET Document Viewer Export

Export and Print

Print your reports and documents directly from the toolbar with classic page setup and print layout features.​ Export and convert reports and PDFs to a dozen of formats including:
  • DOCX/Open XML Word
  • Excel (XLSX, XLS)
  • HTML
  • Image types: TIFF, BMP, EMF, GIF, PNG, JPG
  • Compressed metafiles/ZIP files
  • PDF
  • RTF documents
.NET Document Viewer Thumbnails

Thumbnails and Outline View

Display a thumbnail view for quick page navigation. FlexViewer allows supports an outline pane that is automatically generated based upon document headings, allowing users to quickly navigate to any section.

.NET Document Viewer PDF

Display PDFs in .NET Applications

FlexViewer is both a .NET report viewer and a PDF viewer. You can load any arbitrary PDF document and the viewer lets users copy text, search the document, print, and export to a wide variety of different file formats. FlexViewer also supports embedded fonts in the PDF.

.NET Report Viewer Key Features

.NET Report Viewer Parameters

Set Report Parameters

With report parameters support, FlexViewer displays a special panel that lets the user set and reset parameters before refreshing the report. Parameters help users filter reports. FlexViewer supports String, Boolean, Date, Integer, and Float type parameters.

SSRS Report Viewer

SSRS, ActiveReports Support

In addition to displaying FlexReports, our .NET report viewer supports SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports and MESCIUS ActiveReports. Features include drill-through and drill-down reports, SQL Server parameters, refresh and process cancellation. View SSRS reports in WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET MVC. View ActiveReports in ASP.NET MVC.

.NET Report Viewer Refresh

Display PDFs in .NET Applications

Users can keep up-to-date by refreshing the report. FlexViewer provides you options to Refresh and Cancel Report rendering through Refresh and Stop button. Supported in WinForms and WPF only.

.NET Document Viewer Supported Platforms

WinForms Report Viewer

The WinForms report viewer is optimized with DirectWrite rendering for high-performance document rendering. It's also completed with a rich and beautiful Ribbon control.

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WPF Report Viewer

Arrange pages in one, two, or four-page layouts in WPF and UWP. The WPF report viewer supports a minimal toolstrip, thumbnails, side-by-side view and continuous scrolling.

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ASP.NET MVC Report Viewer

FlexViewer for ASP.NET MVC comprises of two types of viewers, namely ReportViewer and PdfViewer. Zoom into selected text for better readability on the web.

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Blazor Document Viewer

The Blazor FlexViewer supports thumbnails, text find, and export for PDFs, FlexReports and SSRS documents.

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UWP Report Viewer

The UWP report viewer supports a mobile-friendly toolbar, outline view, four-page layout, and direct printing. Coming soon to WinUI 3.

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Xamarin Report Viewer

The Xamarin report viewer supports a mobile-friendly toolbar, outline view, four-page layout, and direct printing.

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.NET Document Viewer Demos

ComponentOne Demo Explorer

Desktop Demo Explorer

All of our WinForms and WPF demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Explore every FlexReport and FlexViewer feature using the Control Explorer demos for .NET Framework or .NET 6+.


ASP.NET MVC FlexReport Explorer

Explore sample reports created code-free using the FlexReport Designer in FlexViewer for ASP.NET Core, a responsive report viewer for the web.

View Demo

Blazor Server FlexViewer

See FlexViewer working in Blazor! Display PDFs, SSRS documents, and even reports generated from FlexReport.

View Demo