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ComponentOne Expression Editor

.NET Expression Editing UI

Create and edit logical expressions at run-time to perform calculations and shape data with ComponentOne Expression Editor.

  • Features smart code completion, syntax highlighting, and error reporting functionalities just like Visual Studio 
  • Built-in operators, constants, and functions help perform aggregate, logical, mathematical, and conversion operations on data
  • Supports desktop .NET applications developed with WinForms, WPF and UWP
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Why Choose Expression Editor?

Increase Productivity

Time-Saving Utility

The Expression Editor UI is a useful tool for many applications and can be used with minimal code and set up. Use as dialog or embedded text editor.

Quickly Style Apps

Expression Building Made Easy

Expression Editor provides suggestions, errors, syntax highlighting, previews and tooltip details to make expression building easy for all users.


Filter Results Using Expressions

Enhance the filtering in your datagrids and reports with expressions. Match on strings, formulas, or other data fields.

.NET Expression Editor Key Features

100+ Excel-like Operators and Functions

Expression Editor provides over 100 operators and functions to perform aggregate, logical, date time, math, convert and text operations for the ease of users while working with expressions. Functions include:

  • Aggregate (Average, Count, Sum, etc)
  • Text (Concat, Contains, Len, Trim, etc)
  • Datetime (AddDays, GetDate, Now, etc)
  • Math (Abs, Floor, Rand, etc)
  • Conversions (CBool, CDate, CInt, etc)
  • Logical Operators (And, Equal, GreaterThan, IIF, etc)

Syntax Highlighting

Expression Editor uses different colors to highlight functions, fields, and operators. This helps in differentiating these items and enhancing the readability of expressions, especially when the expressions span across multiple lines. The syntax highlighting is just like the SQL Query editor.

Smart Suggestions and Code Completion

Expression Editor provides recommendations of possible functions or fields based on what the user types just like Visual Studio IntelliSense. This feature helps to complete expressions quickly and reduces the chance of making typing errors.

Integrate Expression Editors with Other Controls

This intuitive control can be easily integrated with other data management and visualization controls such as grids and charts, to aid analysis. Create Excel-like formulas for shaping data, as embedded in a custom filter or in the cell of a grid, for example.

Additional Features

Error Reporting

Expression Editor validates for error detection immediately after the user has finished entering the expression. If the expression syntax is incorrect, an error message is shown within the Editor.

Results Preview

Visualize final output and correct possible errors before finalizing the expression for a supported control. When you write a valid expression, it displays the result in the preview and along with any errors.

Custom Engine

Create your own custom engine for Expression Editor. We provide a sample that uses C# syntax and supports Linq.