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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Features section comprises all the features available in the FlexGrid control.

    Learn how to configure auto complete and data-mapped columns.
    Unbound FlexGrid
    Learn how to create an unbound grid using the FlexGrid control.
    Populate FlexGrid
    Learn how to populate data in FlexGrid.
    Learn how implement selection in FlexGrid.
    Cell Merging
    Learn how to implement cell merging in FlexGrid.
    Freezing and Pinning
    Learn how to implement rows and columns freezing and column pinning. 
    Custom Editors
    Learn how to create custom editors in FlexGrid.
    Data Grouping
    Learn how to group data in FlexGrid.
    Data Filtering
    Learn how to filter data in FlexGrid.
    Data Aggregation
    Learn how to aggregate data in FlexGrid.
    Row Details
    Learn how to display row details in an empty data template in FlexGrid.
    Custom Cells
    Learn how to create custom cells in FlexGrid.
    Print Support
    Learn about various printing options available in FlexGrid.
    Layout and Appearance
    Learn about the layout and appearance related features in FlexGrid.

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