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Linear & Radial Blazor Gauge Controls

Linear & Radial Blazor Gauge Controls

ComponentOne Gauges for Blazor includes three UI controls to enhance your data visualizations and business dashboards.

  • Get fluent, modern-looking radial and linear gauges
  • Visualize multiple data points on a single bullet graph gauge
  • Customize your gauges with marks, labels, and ranges
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Why Choose FlexGrid for Blazor?

Dynamic Dashboards

Create Dynamic Dashboards

Gauges add a unique style to your business dashboards. Bring your data visualizations to life with eye-catching and interactive gauges.

Dynamic Data Binding

Dynamic Data Binding

The Blazor Gauges support data binding so their values can update automatically.

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Customize the Appearance

In addition to a flat, modern default look, the Blazor Gauges support labels, marks and ranges to enhance the visualization.

Blazor Gauges Key Features

Radial Gauge

You can use the Blazor gauge control to create simple radial and arc gauges. Radial gauges can be circular, helical, arc curve, clamshell, or half-circular. Customize the radial gauge with support for marks, labels and ranges.

Linear Gauges

Linear gauges can be horizontal, vertical, or tilted. Create a bullet graph designed specifically for use in dashboards and information screens with comparative ranges to instantly signal whether the measure is good, bad, or in some other state.