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Dynamic ASP.NET MVC Dashboard

Build a Dynamic ASP.NET MVC Dashboard

Create business intelligence (BI) dashboards and dynamic forms for data visualization with the ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Dashboard Layout control.

  • Build dashboards using a grid or flow layout in your MVC apps
  • Embed any UI controls to visualize all of your data in a single form
  • Resize and rearrange your dashboards with drag and drop
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Why Choose Dashboard Layout for ASP.NET MVC?

Quickly Style Apps

Quickly Build Web Dashboards

Build an entire BI dashboard by embedding any controls and the dynamic layouts are handled automatically.


The Best Layout for Any Dashboard

Choose from three out-of-the-box layouts. Get the best layout or easily switch without recreating your entire form.


Deliver Customizable Workspaces

The ASP.NE MVC Dashboard Layout control lets users resize and rearrange the tiles at runtime to create their web workspaces.

ASP.NET MVC Dashboard Layout Key Features

Dashboard Layout Types

Choose from three out-of-the-box layouts including flow, grid and split.

ASP.NET Flow layout

Flow Layout

Controls flow vertically or horizontally and wrap to the next row or column when there's no more space.

Dashboard Grid Layout

Grid Layout

Arrange controls in tabular form consisting of rows and columns. This layout supports automatic or manual options.

Dashboard Split Layout

Split Layout

Arrange controls into different areas using panels, which can be resized using the split bar.

Drag and Drop Controls on the Dashboard

The Dashboard Layout control acts as a container which lets you dynamically place controls within tiles. At runtime users hover over a tile to drag it from one position to another. The remaining tiles automatically adjust to this change due to the respective layout rules.

Maximize and Restore Tiles

Maximize and restore tiles using the header buttons. When users maximize a tile, it covers the parent surface like a modal window, and it can be restored using the corresponding restore button.

Additional Features

Save and Load Layouts

The public API enables you to save and load the layout to local storage with XML serialization.

Tile Headers

Each dashboard tile supports a draggable header which displays a caption and provides buttons to maximize and hide the tiles.

Resize Tiles in the Dashboard

Users can resize tiles by dragging their mouse along the border. When you resize a control, the border style will be updated.