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ASP.NET MVC Accordion Control

Accordion Control for ASP.NET MVC

Display a list of expandable items with ComponentOne Accordion for ASP.NET MVC.

  • Organize content in collapsible panes
  • Select panes using the keyboard
  • Animate panes when collapsing/expanding
  • Show customized headers
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Why Choose Accordion for ASP.NET MVC?

Accordion View

View Collapsible Data

Display a list of expandable items with the MVC Accordion control. When one item is expanded, all others collapse.

Accordion Optimization

Optimize Layout

The Accordion control helps organize your UI and optimize the use of screen real estate. Or use the control as a side bar.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The control is responsive too - optimized for intelligent rendering on devices of different screen sizes.

ASP.NET MVC Accordion Key Features

Collapse & Expand Animation

Complete with smooth animations, the ASP.NET MVC accordion provides a visually compelling interface for a menu or a navigation bar in your application. The control also supports expanding all or a single pane at a time using the AllowExpandMany and AllowCollapseAll properties.

Expand and Collapse Multiple Panes

Configure the Accordion control to expand one pane at one time, like a true Accordion, or allow multiple panes to be expanded simultaneously. The control also supports all panes being collapsed.

Header Merging

The MVC Accordion control can show any HTML content. You can add objects of any data type to its panes to create a visual representation of the items. The feature to show any content in combination with panes could be used to display any guided UI such as calendar, events, and appointments or an information screen showing personal, work, and departmental details of an employee.

Customize the Accordion Header

Each accordion pane's header can be customized with both text and controls. For example, you can display an icon and text in each header.