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Wijmo & Weavy Hackathon: Bringing the Developer Community Together

We are thrilled to partner with Weavy, the in-app collaboration API and SDK, on the Striking Balance 2022 hackathon!

What is Striking Balance 2022?

Wijmo and Weavy believe that the experience and knowledge of developers using technology to come up with real-world solutions to modern problems enable them to create better products with fresh perspectives. Starting June 23, 2022, interested teams between 1 and 4 can enter the free three-part hackathon – the jury of industry experts and innovators will announce first to third place winners on October 15, 2022.

Wijmo & Weavy Hackathon


How Does the Hackathon Work?

The Wijmo and Weavy teams are asking developers to create something inspirational that will help make a change where a change is needed using simple systems thinking methodologies. By picking single or multiple topics, the jury will supply teams with a few sources for data sets. Entrants will then build an application that visualizes the data collaboratively using Wijmo and Weavy, demonstrating the approach for solving the chosen topics. In the final phase, teams will pitch their project to the expert jury panel in a live-streamed event where first through third place winners will be crowned and badge of honor winners. Visit the website for more details on the event.

The Hackathon Schedule

We're excited to report that we've extended and updated the schedule since the original publication of this blog. See the new dates below:


Now! (You can sign-up and submit ideas up until September 17, 2022)

Idea Phase

June 23 - September 16, 2022

Prototype Phase

September 17 - October 07, 2022

Final Phase

October 14 - October 15, 2022

Grand Finale

October 15, 2022

Need some help? We will also be hosting live Q&A sessions during the entire hackathon. Please sign up and you will be invited to those sessions!

You can watch the playback from the first live session here.

The Hackathon Phases

Phase 1: Ideation 

To enter the hackathon, you should start by selecting one or more topics that are important to you. We have created a list of potential topics to serve as inspiration. These are listed on the topics page, along with public data sources you can use. All shortlisted ideas will move on to the prototype phase.

Phase 2: Prototype 

Once you have selected your topics you should design and create a prototype that shows relevant data for your idea using Wijmo controls (such as chart, grid, map). When you have an app that shows the data in interesting ways, users will be able to use it and learn more about the problem, formulate relevant questions, and hopefully draw interesting conclusions. 

When the visualization part of the exercise is done, you should add interactivity and collaboration using Weavy. This will allow users to communicate among themselves and share their insights without leaving the app.

At the end of this phase, you need a working application, which must have integrated at least one feature from both Weavy and Wijmo to be eligible. The top 10 submissions will move on to the last phase.

Phase 3: Grand Finale 

Teams pitch their project to an expert jury panel in a livestreamed event. The jury will consist of industry experts and innovators.

Why Should I Register for Striking Balance 2022?

The partnership between Wijmo and Weavy is a fantastic opportunity for developers of all skill levels to become familiar with integrating collaboration and social features with data visualization components – two areas that are becoming increasingly important in the application development world. In addition to connecting with other developers and creating solutions to real-world issues, all winning team members will receive a prize of their choosing (just make sure you attend the livestream to be eligible). The Wijmo and Weavy teams hope participants find this hackathon fun, insightful, and a great way to demonstrate their skills. Visit the website for more details on the event.

What is Wijmo?

Wijmo is a set of JavaScript UI components that are meant to save developers time when building applications. Wijmo offers datagrids, charts and much more. This allows developers to jump start their enterprise development with our powerful tools. 

Wijmo & Weavy Hackathon

What is Weavy?

Weavy offers collaboration tools to embed inside JavaScript applications. Weavy enables your users to engage each other to make faster, better decisions through contextual collaboration using in-app chat, activity feeds, and document collaboration.

Wijmo and Weavy make the perfect pair – check out our example application to help you get started.

What Makes Striking Balance Different from Other Hackathons?

We know there are probably a few hackathons you could join right now. If you’re still on the fence about registering, listen to Wijmo and Weavy team members discuss why this event is worth your time.

Wijmo & Weavy Hackathon

Are You Ready to Register?

We hope to see you and your project in the hackathon next month! This event promises to be fun, exciting, and fulfilling. If you have a team or a great idea for an application, register today to start making a difference.



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