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Wijmo 2024 v1 Has Landed

Wijmo has just shipped its first major release of 2024. This release includes many enhancements across our most popular components, like FlexGrid, FlexChart, and more. Another key focus of this release has been quality, as it includes a huge number of important fixes for customers.

NPM packages moved to @mescius scope

Wijmo packages are now published under the @mescius scope on npm. The packages are all an exact match for what was previously published under the @grapecity scope.

For example, here are some packages and their old equivalent:

New Package

Old Package







As you can see, it's a direct migration. You will need to update the package.json references as well as the import statement. The best way to update your applications is to use a Find and Replace tool (like in VSCode) and find instances of “@grapecity/” to be replaced with “@mescius/”. This will cover the package.json and import statements. 

Notice of deprecation: We will still publish new versions of wijmo under the old @grapecity scope for at least one more year. After which, we will stop updating them and only publish new versions to @mescius scope.

React Samples Migrated from Class to Functional Components

Wijmo has migrated over 500 React sample applications from class component to functional component usage. We hope this change will help React developers learn Wijmo components much more easily. It will also make copying code from our samples more useful to many. 

FlexGrid and FlexGridFilter Improvements

FlexGrid continues to improve with each release. This release includes improvements to pasting, Grouping, Aggregates, and much more. DataMap has a new Menu editor type and some new APIs for binding key/value pairs.

We also put significant improvements into FlexGridFilter, the Excel-like filter UI for FlexGrid. FlexGridFilter now supports wildcard value filters and mimics Excel behavior when adding or removing rows.

FlexChart and FlexPie Refinements

FlexChart got some nice rendering refinements in this release. Those include smoother rounding for polylines and polygons, improved spline chart interpolation, and better tooltips for small slices of FlexPie. 

FlexChart Refinements

Tooltip Accessibility Enhancements

Thanks to the suggestion from an important customer, we have introduced some important enhancements to tooltip accessibility. These enhancements are based on the ARIA tooltip specification. Now, tooltips will stay visible as long as a mouse stays over the tooltip, and pressing the ESC key will close the tooltip.

Tooltip Accessibility Enhancements

Focus on High Quality

As Wijmo is used in more and more critical applications worldwide, we continue to put major efforts into improving quality. While this does slow down big new features, it ensures that our customers can feel much more confident in using our components. This past year, we have put in a huge effort to close many important customer issues. With issues closing, we expand our unit and automation tests to cover more use cases. We are proud to say that Wijmo is more stable than ever. 

Breaking Changes

  • Implemented enhanced type validation for generics in CollectionView, requiring TypeScript users to review and correct mistyped CollectionViews for improved code integrity. Some customers might see errors at compile time that can be easily corrected by attributing correct types.

Planned Changes

  • Wijmo AngularJS Support End of Life Announcement: AngularJS has been out of support as of January 2022. Therefore, Wijmo plans to stop supporting AngularJS. In our 2024v2 release (September 2024), we will no longer publish AngularJS interops for Wijmo. We encourage you to use modern Angular versions, which Wijmo fully supports.
  • Wijmo KnockoutJS Support End of Life Announcement: KnockoutJS has not been updated or released since 2019. Therefore, Wijmo plans to stop supporting KnockoutJS. In our 2024v2 release (September 2024), we will no longer publish KnockoutJS interops for Wijmo. We encourage you to use a modern framework like Angular, React, or Vue, for which Wijmo has full support. 

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