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What's New in ComponentOne 2023 v1

The first release of 2023 is already here! Check out the highlights and details of what we’ve added to the ComponentOne 2023 v1 release below.

WinForms & WPF Highlights

  • FlexGrid for WinForms search and preserved layout enhancements
  • FlexGrid for WPF performance and selection enhancements
  • GeoJSON support added to Maps for WinForms and WPF
  • New Multi-Column Combobox for WinForms
  • New Gauges for WPF

Other Highlights

  • FlexGrid selection enhancements for WinUI, MAUI, and Blazor
  • Excel import and export samples for Blazor and ASP.NET Core
  • New ASP.NET Core 6.0-based libraries
  • Proxy authentication and logging support for DataConnectors

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What’s New in WinForms 2023 v1

FlexGrid Search Supports All Occurrences

When users search FlexGrid using the Search Panel, FlexGrid now highlights all occurrences of the search text in a cell. This is also helpful in cases where a pattern of text is being searched.

Search Templates

FlexGrid Save Layout Enhancements

FlexGrid now supports saving and loading layouts at design and runtime. This allows you to more easily persist column layouts between runs of the application without having to save the data itself.

At runtime, the WriteXML and ReadXML have XMLOptions parameters that allow you to save or load ColumnInfo, RowInfo, Ranges, Control, Styles, Maps, Tree, Glyphs, and Images. We will be further enhancing this feature with Sorting, Grouping, and Filter information in the subsequent releases.

FilterEditor for .NET 6 Now with FlexGrid Integration

Our FilterEditor control is now available for .NET 6. We also added an integration sample demonstrating FilterEditor integration with FlexGrid. The sample demonstrates how the FilterEditor can be invoked from a context menu at runtime and how filter summaries can be displayed in the datagrid footer after filtering data.

Filter Editor Datagrid

GeoJSON Support in Maps for WinForms

GeoJSON is an open standard geospatial data interchange format for encoding a variety of geographic data structures (i.e., countries, provinces, cities, etc.) and can include other non-spatial data related to these features.

Maps For JSON Winforms

Multi-Column Combobox for .NET 6 (Beta)

The new C1MultiColumnCombo control is a multi-column dropdown that supports databinding, searching, filtering, highlighting, selection, and sorting of data. The control internally uses FlexGrid in the dropdown. However, other controls like DataGrid or a TreeView can also be used in a custom view. This control is provided as a .NET 6 library that can be used in .NET 6 and 7 applications, and it’s the recommended replacement for C1Combo.

Multi-Column Combobox for .NET

TextBox UI Enhancements for Windows 11

The ComponentOne Input TextBox control now supports the Windows 11 system styles like color, rounded corners, and underlines, similar to standard .NET input controls.

Text Box UI

CSV Data Provider in FlexReport Designer

Design and build reports from simple CSV data files. Our FlexReport Designer now supports connecting to CSV data using the C1.ADONET.CSV data connector. The DataConnector supports connecting to local CSV files as well as over HTTP.

CSV Data Provider Reports

FinancialChart Runtime Toolbar & Ribbon

Last year we added a runtime toolbar to FlexChart, so end-users can customize the chart. Now our FinancialChart control has the same runtime toolbar. Using the context menu, the toolbar or ribbon can be added to the control at design time. At runtime, users can invoke different actions using the toolbar options, such as adding or removing series, applying different palettes, exporting or printing charts, and applying analysis tools such as trendlines or overlays.

FinancialChart Toolbar & Ribbon

Other WinForms Enhancements

  • FlexGrid supports displaying both Images and CheckBoxes in tree nodes
  • German resources are updated for runtime localization

What’s New in WPF 2023 v1

FlexGrid for WPF Performance Enhancements

FlexGrid now supports creating custom cells using 2D drawing for optimal performance. By comparison, we can see about 30% faster rendering when using 2D drawing techniques (such as drawString) compared to using UI elements (such as TextBlock). Learn more in our latest blog.

FlexGrid Multi-Range Selection

FlexGrid for WPF supports different multi-range selection modes, allowing end-users to select multiple, non-adjacent cells, rows, and columns. New selection modes include ListBox, MultiRange, and MultiColumn.

Data Grid Multi-Range Selection

GeoJSON Support in Maps for WPF

Add shapes on the WPF maps using GeoJson files. GeoJson features include points enabling you to add addresses and locations, line-strings that can be used to represent streets, boundaries, polygons that let you mark political borders of countries and provinces, and multi-part collections of these types.

JSON Support in Maps for WPF

Custom WPF Material Themes

A theme is more than just color schemes. Sometimes you want a certain theme because of the borders and spacing, but you’d prefer a different color. Now you can easily customize our WPF material themes with different accent and background colors.

Custom WPF Material Themes

New WPF Gauges for .NET 6

For .NET 6, we have reimagined our WPF gauges library to focus on a simpler, cleaner design. The C1.WPF.Gauge library includes three components: C1RadialGauge, C1LinearGauge, and C1BulletGraph for generating horizontal, vertical, curved, and bullet graph gauges. The ranges and values can be displayed automatically.

WPF Gauges for .NET 6

Other WPF Enhancements

  • C1MultiSelect now supports selecting multiple items programmatically
  • German resources updated for runtime localization

What’s New in Blazor 2023 v1

FlexGrid for Blazor Enhancements

Cell dragging and multi-range selection modes have been added to this release to our Blazor FlexGrid. Now you can enable different multi-range selection modes to allow end-users to select multiple, non-adjacent cells, rows, and columns. We’ve also improved the selection behavior with dragging support in both server and client applications. Users can now drag their mouse across the grid to select multiple items.

FlexGrid for Blazor

New Excel Samples for Blazor Server and Web Assembly

We released a .NET Standard version of our classic C1Excel library last release, which can be used on any platform. In this release, we added samples to show how the library can be used in Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications. We also added a sample to show FlexGrid Excel export using the C1Excel library.

Datagrid Excel Blazor

What’s New in ASP.NET Core MVC & Web API

.NET 6-based Libraries

Since ASP.NET Core 3.1 has reached end-of-support, the ASP.NET Core MVC and Web API products have been upgraded to .NET 6 and now support .NET 6 and higher. This will allow us to take advantage of the latest features and performance gains available in .NET6 and higher.

New Excel Samples for ASP.NET Core MVC

In the last release, we released a .NET Standard version of our C1Excel library, which can be used on any platform. In this release, we have added samples to show how the library can be used in ASP.NET Core MVC.

Excel Samples for ASP.NET Core MVC

What’s New in Data Services 2023 v1

Logging Support for DataConnectors

ComponentOne DataConnectors now support logging each execution. The feature can be set through the connection properties. You can control the level of details logged using the Verbosity Level that ranges from 0 to 5, where 0 logs the critical errors only and 5 logs the most details.

Proxy Authentication for DataConnectors

Proxy Authentication is now supported to access sources behind a proxy. Our data connectors support Basic, Digest, and Kerberos authentication. The feature can be enabled through the connection properties.

CRUD support for CSV and JSON DataConnectors

The CSV and JSON data connectors now support CRUD operations through API Config files. The config files are definitions of the structure of the data that is used for each operation when the data connector makes the call to the service that sends and accepts JSON or CSV data.

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