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What's New in ComponentOne 2022 v1

The ComponentOne 2022 v1 release has been released! This update includes new and exciting controls for Blazor and .NET 6, along with feature enhancements for .NET Framework. Read about everything new for each .NET platform and product below.

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.NET 6 Controls

The following controls have been ported to .NET 6: Gauges, SpellChecker, FlexPivotSlicer, and DashboardLayout.

FlexGrid Column Picker

Our WinForms FlexGrid now has a built-in column picker that can be enabled by setting one property. This feature allows end-users to add or remove a visible column through the gear icon on the top left corner of the grid or through column context menus.

Column Picker

FlexGrid Column Bands Designer

Now you can easily design banded (or grouped) columns at design time in Visual Studio 2022. The feature is supported in .NET 6 through the collection editor. We have added new samples that demonstrate advanced column bands.

Detailed Layout

FlexReport JSON Data Integration

The FlexReport Designer now supports a direct connection to JSON data sources through the data connection wizard. Design reports connecting to JSON data from a file or REST APIs that send JSON.

FlexReport JSON

TreeView Nested Binding Enhancements

Our WinForms TreeView can be bound to nested properties more easily using path indexers.

For example, consider the Store >Product Groups > Products hierarchical dataset. The Product Groups and Products could be assigned as follows: 

c1TreeView1.BindingInfo.DataMemberPath[1] = "ProductsGroups"; 
c1TreeView1.BindingInfo.DataMemberPath[2] = "Products";
c1TreeView1.BindingInfo.DataSource = StoreCollection.GetData();

Similarly, display columns can be added using the DisplayMemberPath property. The data binding topics in the documentation and samples have been revamped to demonstrate these improvements.

Other WinForms Enhancements

  • SuperTooltip is now compatible with the .NET DataGridView
  • FlexChart runtime toolbar is officially released. The toolbar integration is available in .NET framework 4.5.2 and .NET6.


.NET Framework 4.6.2 Version

We have added a new version of all WPF controls that target .NET Framework 4.6.2. Microsoft plans to end support for .NET Framework 4.5.2 later this year, so now you can easily update your ComponentOne references to 4.6.2 to stay up to date. .NET 4.6.2 added some platform-wide enhancements like touch keyboard support and per-monitor DPI awareness.

.NET 6 Controls

The following controls have been ported to .NET 6: FlexReport, FlexViewer, Barcode, and Sparklines. Also, the UI Automation for screen-reader support has been enabled for .NET 6 FlexGrid.

.NET 6 Report & PDF Viewer

FlexReport is a fast, flexible, and fully-featured .NET 6 reporting engine component. Optimized with DirectX rendering, the new WPF FlexViewer supports a fluent-style toolbar and icons. View FlexReports, SSRS reports, or PDF documents.

WPF Flexviewer .NET 6

.NET 6 Sparklines

Sparklines are a great way to visualize trends in small spaces like FlexGrid cell templates and dashboard tiles. The ComponentOne Sparklines for WPF support column, line, and win-loss types. Highlight the first, last, high, and low values with different styles.



FlexGrid Data Filters

Our Blazor datagrid now has advanced filtering UI for applying conditional filters to a column or the entire data set. The data filter UI is a separate component that can be used in a variety of filtering scenarios. It's also included in the FlexGrid filter row for built-in functionality.

Blazor Datagrid

DataFilter Conditional Filtering

Create e-commerce style filtering UI in your Blazor C# web apps. The DataFilter UI auto generates filters based upon a data set. The user can apply multiple filters similar to the side filters you see on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Kayak. New in this release is support for conditional filters.


Accordion UI Component

Create collapsible panels of UI with the accordion component. The accordion is flexible to allow multiple panels open at once or configure it to behave like a traditional accordion where all panels collapse when one is open.


RangeSlider UI Component

The Blazor RangeSlider control allows you to visualize the process increase or decrease by dragging the thumb in lower and upper values. It can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the setting of the orientation property.


FlexChart Multiple Axes

Create combination charts with multiple Y axes to better visualize disparate data sets.

FlexChart Multiple Axes


Accessible PDF Export from FlexGrid

Improved PDF export from FlexGrid to provide accessibility support. Produce tagged PDFs while exporting FlexGrid.

Accessible PDF Export

Dynamic Tab Ordering in All Controls

Modern applications have dynamic pages/views that constantly change with user interaction. To change the tabIndex (tab ordering) on all controls at runtime, use the TabOrder property.

More FlexGrid Samples

We added several samples for FlexGrid to showcase various possible scenarios it could be used in:

TreeGrid Sample

Use FlexGrid as a treeview, or "TreeGrid.” These new samples show how to create an unbound TreeGrid, bind to XML, create an editable TreeGrid, and lazy loading techniques.


Dynamic Data Maps

You can use Data Map dynamically as filtering the values in the drop-down list if it depends on some conditions. For example, the datagrid shows a list of data items with countries and cities. The drop-down city list includes only cities in the data item's country.

Dynamic Data Maps

Column Picker

The sample shows how to implement a column-picker for FlexGrid. It also shows how to implement column drag & drop within column picker to move columns in the datagrid.

Column Picker

Column Header Tooltips

This sample shows how to add tooltips to the datagrid's column headers. The sample utilizes ToolTip to integrate this feature on the client-side.

Column Header Tooltips

Data Services

ServiceNow DataConnector

ServiceNow provides cloud workflow solutions for enterprise users, and it exposes APIs for external application integrations. The ComponentOne ADO.NET and Entity Framework DataConnectors enable developers to connect to these APIs using well-known technologies without any learning curve. The ServiceNow data connectors have advanced features such as CRUD, batching, caching, and OAuth support.  With Visual Studio integration, connect to ServiceNow entities with data-aware controls like datagrids and charts without writing any code. Query ServiceNow entities using SQL inside Visual Studio Server Explorer.

Learn More


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