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What's New in ComponentOne 2022 v3

We’re excited to announce that the 2022 v3 release of ComponentOne is now live! This release includes .NET 7 support across the entire product line and extended library support for .NET 6 and .NET 7 applications.

We’ve included more controls and themes for .NET 6+, including our classic Excel library (C1XLBook) has been rewritten for .NET Standard so it can be used more seamlessly in the latest .NET applications. Plus, get the first look at our new FlexGrid for MAUI.

ComponentOne 2022 v3 Highlights

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.NET 7 Support

.NET 7 is the successor to .NET 6 and focuses on being unified, modern, simple, and fast. .NET 7 will be supported by Microsoft for 18 months as a standard-term support (STS). We’ve ensured that our latest .NET 6 libraries for all platforms work in .NET 7 applications, so you can upgrade whenever you are ready.

FlexGrid for MAUI Preview

It’s finally here! The same .NET datagrid that thousands of developers have used for decades has been developed natively for MAUI, so you don’t have to learn multiple mobile development platforms. Like Xamarin, MAUI allows you to write once in C# and deliver apps for desktop (WinUI, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS).

Check out the preview by downloading our MAUI samples on GitHub.

What’s New in WinForms

Enhanced Designers for .NET 6+ controls

In this release, we’ve continued to enhance the design-time editors and designers for our .NET 6+ controls to give you a rich experience while designing your application. For example, FlexGrid now has the complete and familiar designer you used when designing .NET Framework applications. We have also enhanced other controls and will continue to do so for the remaining controls.

FlexGrid Custom Filters

Our FlexGrid for WinForms now supports an easier way to create custom column filters. You can now implement your own date, string, color, and more filter options in the column filter by implementing IC1ColumnFilter and IC1ColumnFilterEditor. Check out the samples to learn more about this feature.

FlexChart Toolbar & Ribbon Enhancements

The FlexChart toolbar and ribbon now support series and range Editors. The series editor enables adding and removing chart series at runtime. With the range editor, you can enable scrolling between extreme charts data points and preview filtered selected range for closer analysis.

New .NET 6+ Editor (Beta)

You can create, open, and save Xhtml documents with our new .NET 6 Editor control for WinForms. This control has been created from scratch over WebView2 and is, therefore, not entirely backward compatible to our .NET Framework C1Editor control. The control has a built-in Office 365-based ribbon that makes editing documents very easy with formatting, styling tools, and more.

New Excel Library for .NET Standard

For the 2022 v3 release, we’ve included a brand new .NET Standard-based version of our classic Excel library. The C1Excel (C1XLBook) library can be used to load, create, and update excel files in any .NET application - including WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, and WinUI. The library is backward compatible to the .NET Framework version, so users wanting to port their .NET Framework applications can easily migrate it to .NET 6 or higher.

More Controls Ported to .NET 6

In addition to C1Editor and C1Excel, we have ported Sizer (including C1Sizer and C1SizerLight components), PDF, MultiSelect, TileControl, and Financial Chart from .NET Framework to .NET 6. The Accordion control is ready for production use with this release.

What’s New in WPF 2022 v3

New Material Light & Dark Themes for .NET 6

For WPF .NET 6 development, we’re introducing a new Material and Material Dark themes based on the popular modern UI design.

What’s New in Data Services 2022 v3

New CSV Data Connector for ADO.NET and Entity Framework Core

We have added a new ADO.NET based CSV data connector that enables CRUD operations over CSV files. Users can perform data operations over local CSV files or stream data from a CSV file over the web. With the Visual Studio integrations, users can import data from CSV files without any code or run SQL queries from the query builder.

Ready to See the Updates for Yourself? Download ComponentOne Today!


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