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ActiveReports.NET v17.1 Has Released

Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce that ActiveReports .NET 17.1 has been released!

This update is free to anyone with a current subscription for ActiveReports 17.

Apply Parameters - Runtime Filtering

The new “Apply Parameters” action is the most exciting new feature coming with 17.1. Using this new action, you can dynamically apply parameters to a report in the report preview, allowing you to filter the data displayed in the report when a user clicks on something in the report at runtime.

In the below example, we have a basic sales dashboard with hidden parameters for Asia, America, and Europe. When the user unchecks/checks the box for the respective countries, the parameters are changed using the Apply Parameters action, and the data is filtered to show only the currently checked options.

Apply Parameters

RDL Dashboard Support in WinForms Designer

With the release of 17.0, we released the new RDL Dashboard report type, but it was temporarily only supported in the Web version of the designer. With 17.1, we’ve finished adding support for RDL Dashboard reports to the WinForms version, so you can also start using RDL Dashboard reports in desktop applications.

For now, the report section tabs and scrollable containers are not supported in the WinViewer control, but that will be coming soon. Currently, in the WinViewer, different report sections will be rendered as separate pages. If these features are important to your use case, we recommend using the JSViewer for now.

Web Designer Customization API Added to Blazor Web Designer

With the release of 17.0, we released our new Blazor Web Designer and a new customization API for the normal Web Designer. With 17.1, we’re also adding that customization API to the new Blazor Designer.

Set Chart Colors Based On Values

The background colors of chart data points (ex., bars, pie slices, etc.) can now be set using conditional formatting based on values.

Freeze Table/Tablix Columns and Rows in the JsViewer

The JsViewer now allows the user to freeze columns and rows in both the Table and Tablix controls at runtime in the report preview.

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