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Clipboards with Angular Datagrids

Wijmo's Angular datagrid, FlexGrid, comes with built-in clipboard support. This allows you to use standard key shortcuts for copying and pasting, as well as Excel-style smart pasting, allowing you to easily replicate clipboard data while pasting. It also gives you the ability to customize the clipboard actions using several of FlexGrid's clipboard events.

Standard Key Shortcuts

Wijmo's Angular datagrid, FlexGrid, supports standard key shortcuts for copying and pasting data. This allows you to use the Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert shortcuts to copy the current selection of the datagrid, as well as use the Ctrl+V shortcut to paste data from the clipboard into FlexGrid.

Clipboard Demo

Excel-Style Smart Pasting

Wijmo's Angular datagrid, FlexGrid, implements an Excel-style smart pasting feature. Like in Excel, FlexGrid allows you to easily replicate clipboard data across the datagrid, such as quickly copying data from a single cell across the current selection of cells.

Custom Copy and Paste Events

With FlexGrid's copy and paste events, you are able to customize how the datagrid handles when users copy and paste data to and from the clipboard in your Angular application. This enables you to validate and format the data from the clipboard to fit FlexGrid's current formatting.