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What's New in GrapeCity Documents v5.2 Release

What's New in GrapeCity Documents v5.2 Release

AUG 17, 2022

During this on-demand webinar, Product Manager Shilpa Sharma will outline the new GrapeCity Documents v5.2 release features and enhancements. This latest release includes support for deleting/replacing text in PDF documents, a new API to add Excel Form Controls in spreadsheets, and the beta release of the GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer.

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • Delete/Replace text in PDF documents
  • Add Excel Form Controls in Excel workbooks
  • Support for Paginated Templates in Excel workbooks
  • Support for adding shadows on shapes and text in Word .docx
  • Support for new WebP format
  • Beta Release of the JavaScript GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer
  • and much more!

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Here:

About the Speaker

As a graduate of the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Shilpa Sharma has gained over 13 years of experience in the software industry while working at GrapeCity. As the GrapeCity Documents Product Manager, Shilpa enjoys working with industry experts, reading, traveling, and challenging herself by learning new things. You can connect with Shilpa on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.