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Getting Started with ActiveReports 14 in .NET Core

Getting Started with ActiveReports 14 in .NET Core

MAY 27, 2020

Learn About New ActiveReports Features

With more businesses adopting .NET Core, users are looking for a reporting solution that includes a cross-platform architecture.

In this webinar, we highlight new features of ActiveReports 14 – a pure .NET Core reporting solution.

Webinar Topics

ActiveReports Product Manager, Mateen Firoz, and Technical Engagement Engineers, Evan Warren and Tyler Barlock discuss:

  • Installing AR14 and configuring NuGet packages
  • Converting existing reports to ActiveReports 14
  • Embedding the end-user report designer into a .NET Core application from NPM
  • Editing report layouts
  • Give an overview of report delivery options
Watch the Webinar Recording: