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Intercept when a new row/col is added in JavaScript


A user of SpreadJS, our Javascript spreadsheet API, can intercept when a new row or column is added to the spreadsheet instance using the RowChanging and columnChanging events.

How to accomplish:

Using SpreadJS’s Javascript spreadsheet API, the rowChanging and columnChanging events can be bound to the entire Spread instance or a specified sheet. In this example it is bound to the workbook. When adding a row or column is added these events are triggered; developers can then intercept the newly added row/column.

Here is a code snippet that will make the background color of the new row or column lightblue:

      spread.bind(GC.Spread.Sheets.Events.RowChanging, function (e, args) {
        var row = args.row;
        var sheet = args.sheet;
        console.log("Row change:" + row)
        activeSheet.getRange(row, -1, 1, -1, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport).backColor("lightblue");
      spread.bind(GC.Spread.Sheets.Events.ColumnChanging, function (e, args) {
        var col = args.col;
        var sheet = args.sheet;
        console.log("Column change:" + col)
        activeSheet.getRange(-1, col, -1, 1, GC.Spread.Sheets.SheetArea.viewport).backColor("lightblue");


By applying this logic, when a new row or column is inserted, these events are triggered and set the backColor property of the cell range of the newly added row or column.

Here is a link to a live sample showing this:

Mackenzie Albitz