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Installing and Activating Offline

Steps to Complete:

In terms of the installer, you have two options. We have offline versions of each installer available that can be sent upon request. If you would like one of these offline installers, please submit a ticket on and we will get the proper installer to you as soon as possible.

To allow the web installer through a firewall you will need to whitelist the following:




For license activations, you have a few options as well. When you run the activation utility you will be presented with the following options:

· Automatically over the internet

· From our website

· By e-mail

· Over the phone

In order to activate automatically over the internet, you will need to have the proper domains whitelisted if you are on a restricted network. I would only recommend bothering to get this whitelisted if you will be frequently activating and deactivating and will need the process to be instant or automatic. The domains for that are as follows:


· /

Activating from our website is the easiest way around the network limitations if you have access to another machine that isn’t restricted (or even your smartphone). The activation utility will give you a code to enter along with your serial number on the website. After entering these it will give you another code to enter on the machine you are activating to complete the process.

The email and phone options follow the same process and the website option, but instead, you will either email the serial number and code to our activations email address or tell the numbers to one of our Technical Engagement Engineers over the phone.

Alec Gall