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How to create and add a theme to RDL and Page Reports


This article shows how to create and add a theme to your report

Steps to Complete:

  1. Open the ActiveReports XX Theme Editor (Replace XX with the version you would like to use). This can be accessed from your start menu and go to All Programs > GrapeCity > ActiveReports XX Theme Editor
  2. Once the editor opens, you will see four tabs: Colors, Fonts, Images, and Constants. In each tab, customize the theme settings that you want in your report.
  3. After you finish customizing your theme settings, go to the top left of editor select File > Save
  4. Choose a location on your computer and enter the name of the theme then select Save
  5. In your report, click the gray area outside of your report design to select the report properties
  6. In the Properties window, select the Themes property and click the ellipsis (…) button to open the Report – Themes dialog
  7. In the Report – Themes dialog, click the Open icon about the list of themes
  8. In the Open dialog that opens, select a theme file from your local files and click Ok

For more information, refer to our documentation here: /activereports/docs/latest/online/themes.html

Evan Warren