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Change the Duration of the Error Tooltip in FlexGrid when ShowError is Set to True


When the ShowError property of FlexGrid is set to True, an error message appears when the entry of the cell is incorrect. In some cases, the error message is short so the user can see it without having any issue, but sometimes the error messages are too long for the user to read before the tooltip disappears.

For this scenario, users will want to set the duration for the tooltip, but there is no property that directly accomplishes this. As a workaround, you can use the C1SuperErrorProvider and C1SuperToolTip objects as given below to achieve the desired functionality:

C1SuperErrorProvider errorProvider = new C1SuperErrorProvider();
errorProvider.ToolTip = new C1SuperTooltip();
errorProvider.ToolTip.AutoPopDelay = 10000;   //value in milliseconds
_flex.C1SuperErrorProvider = errorProvider;
_flex.ShowErrors = true;


Prabhat Sharma