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Activating any ComponentOne Edition License

Steps to Complete:

1. Run the ComponentOne License Activation tool.

a. You can find C1LicenseActivation.exe here on your machine: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ComponentOne Shared

2. Fill out the activation form.

a. All fields are required, but User Name and Company can be whatever you feel is relevant.

3. Select an activation path.

a. If you are on a machine with internet access, select the “Automatically over the internet option”.

b. “From our web site” will give you a link to the activation utility on our website. This will allow you to open the site on another machine (such as your smartphone) to enter the Serial Number and Authentication Number. After entering those, you will receive an Activation Code to enter on the machine you are trying to activate. This is by far the fastest way to do an offline activation, so I recommend this option if possible.

c. If your network restrictions are too strict to let you access our website, you can select the “By e-mail” option, which will give you an email address to email your Serial Number and Authentication Number to. When one of our engineers sees the email come in, they will process the activation for you and respond with an Activation Code.

d. If you cannot send emails to external email addresses, you can use the “Over the phone” option. You will receive a phone number to call. Then, if one of our engineers is available, you can read the Serial Number and Authentication Number over the phone and the engineer will read off an Activation Code for you.

Alec Gall