Wijmo Compatibility with latest stable Jquery and Jquery UI

Posted by: pooja.bansal on 3 June 2020, 10:24 pm EST

  • Posted 3 June 2020, 10:24 pm EST - Updated 3 October 2022, 7:11 am EST


    In our web application we are using Jquery 1.11.1 and Jquery UI 1.11.0 and Wijmo 3.20151.69 - jquery.wijmo-open.all.3.20151.69.js, jquery.wijmo-pro.all.3.20151.69.js and angular.wijmo.3.20151.69.js for Wijmo Ribbon and Spread JS.

    We tried to upgrade to latest stable versions of Jquery 3.5.1 and Jquery 1.12.1 and Wijmo 3.20172.118. However, we are getting errors in Wijmo after upgrading -

    Cannot read property concat of undefined at jquery.wijmo.

    Which version of Wijmo is compatible with latest stables version of Jquery?

    We are only using Wijmo Ribbon in our website (in Angular 7).

    Please refer attached screenshot.

    Kindly reply asap.


    Pooja Bansal

  • Posted 7 June 2020, 3:35 pm EST

    Hi Pooja,

    Sorry for the delayed response. We were able to replicate the issue at our end and have forwarded it to the developers with internal tracking id 439896. We will update you once we will hear from them.



  • Posted 8 June 2020, 4:24 pm EST

    Hi Pooja,

    It seems that the issue is in jQuery and not in Wijmo. Please add the following script to your application just after adding jQuery and the issue will be resolved:

    <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-3.0.0.min.js"></script>

    Please refer to the sample attached for reference.


    wijmo 3 ribbon.zip

  • Posted 8 June 2020, 5:49 pm EST - Updated 3 October 2022, 7:11 am EST


    We have added the jquery migration files as suggested by you and now we are not getting above error related to Wijmo.

    However, we are getting error for Spread Js -

    gc.spread.sheets.all.12.2.4.min js

    Going further, which stable version of jquery is compatible with wijmo 3 and Spread Js 12.

    Please refer attached screenshot for the error detail.


    Pooja Bansal

  • Posted 8 June 2020, 7:50 pm EST

    Hi Pooja,

    This is odd behavior. SpreadJS is not dependent on JQuery so using any version of JQuery in your application should be fine.

    Could you please share a sample replicating the issue so that we could further investigate the issue and assist you accordingly or you may also update the previously shared sample to replicate the issue


  • Posted 19 October 2022, 5:45 pm EST


    Our web application is using jquery-3.6.0.min.js with jquery-ui-1.13.1.min.js and jquery.wijmo-open.all.3.20143.61.min.js, jquery.wijmo-pro.all.3.20143.61.min.js, angular.wijmo.3.20141.34.min.js.

    On console i am getting errors like

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘concat’)

    at jquery.wijmo-open.all.3.20143.61.min.js:67:4624

    at jquery.wijmo-open.all.3.20143.61.min.js:67:11801

    Which version of wijmo is compatible with this Jquery version.

    Kindly reply asap.

    Regards Abhinav Tiwary

  • Posted 20 October 2022, 5:10 pm EST


    You may use Jquery 1.11.1 and Jquery UI 1.11.0 with wijmo 3 which you are currently using. Since the Wijmo 3 is obsolete and the maintenance and support are ended for this, we do not have the latest Jquery support.


  • Posted 20 October 2022, 6:23 pm EST


    Since in most of our application we are using jquery-ui-1.13.1.min.js and jquery-3.6.0.min.js.

    Which version of wijmo should we use?


    Abhinav Tiwary

  • Posted 20 October 2022, 7:45 pm EST


    You can use the latest Wijmo5 builds to work with the latest jquery. You can refer to the below links to get started:





    In case you still face any issues then please let us know.


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