Filter datamap on the flex grid

Posted by: ankita on 30 March 2023, 3:49 am EST

  • Posted 30 March 2023, 3:49 am EST

    Hi there,

    I am trying to create a flex grid in React with one of the columns as a drop-down using Datamap, which is currently working fine. However, I am trying to prevent already-added items from appearing on a new row, essentially preventing the addition of the same item multiple times to the grid.

    I have attempted to use DatamapFilter to achieve this, but it is not working. Could you please help? Below is the code I am currently using.

    const costItemsMap = new DataMap(costItems, 'costId', 'prompt');
                    <FlexGrid initialized={initializeGrid} headersVisibility={'Column'} headerHeight={50}
                        <FlexGridColumn header="Item" binding="costId" name="costId" dataMap={costItemsMap} width="3*" align="left"
                            dataMapFilter={(item: any) => costGridData.some((a) => a.costId != item.costId)}
                        <FlexGridColumn header="Cost" binding="price" name="price" width="*" align="right" />
                        <FlexGridColumn header="Net" binding="markupPrice" name="markupPrice"  width="*" align="right" />
                        <FlexGridColumn header="M/U%" binding="markup" name="markup"  width="*" align="center" />
                        <FlexGridColumn header=" " binding="option" name="option" width=".5*" align="center" isReadOnly={true}>
                            <FlexGridCellTemplate cellType="Cell" template={(context: any) => {
                                return !(context.item.isEditable) ? <div>
                                            <span style={{ verticalAlign: "middle" }} onClick={(e) => deleteCostItem(context.item.costId)} className="material-symbols-outlined">delete</span>                                    
                            }} />
  • Posted 2 April 2023, 3:39 am EST

    Hi Ankita,

    The FlexGridColumn does not have any dataMapFilter. And we understand you would not like to display the items in DataMap if there is any other items that exist in FlexGrid for that column.

    In that case, you may use Dynamic DataMaps. Please refer to the following demo sample:


    Manish Gupta

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