LineChart for ASP.NET WebForms

Posted by: l.balazs on 18 September 2022, 9:40 pm EST

  • Posted 18 September 2022, 9:40 pm EST - Updated 30 September 2022, 12:38 am EST

    By default, the LineChart shows value of every Y data points (above the markers).

    Does somebody know how I can switch off showing data point values?



  • Posted 18 September 2022, 10:38 pm EST

    Hang on, I found the solution. As I guessed right it is simple:

    C1CompositeChart1.ShowChartLabels = false;


  • Posted 19 September 2022, 8:24 pm EST


    Yes, this is the appropriate sample code.


    Manish Gupta

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