Custom name reference is changed when copying a cell to A1 cell

Posted by: dana.eliyahu on 16 August 2023, 12:27 am EST

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    Posted 16 August 2023, 12:27 am EST

    There is an issue when trying to cut and paste a cell specifically to A1 cell.

    The steps to reproduce:

    1. click on any cell (Except A1) and add a custom name for it.
    2. click on a different cell and type something.
    3. cut the cell from step 2 and paste it on A1 cell.

    The custom name is now referencing to a different cell than the one from step 1.

    From what I notice, it happens only when pasting the cell to A1.

    I was able to reproduce it on your designer.

  • Posted 16 August 2023, 9:39 pm EST


    We are able to replicate the issue on our end.

    Please note that this issue has been fixed in SpreadJS v16.2.0. We would recommend you to upgrade your SpreadJS to get the latest features and bug fixes.

    You may download the latest version using the following link:

    Please refer to the following link for SpreadJS Designer.

    Please let us know if you face any issues.


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