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Posted by: mr.wiseflow on 20 March 2019, 7:07 pm EST

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    Posted 20 March 2019, 7:07 pm EST - Updated 11 January 2024, 5:40 am EST


    Apologies if this is the wrong forum or silly question but my company is looking into the SpreadJS package and we cannot find the answer to our main concern :slight_smile:

    We would like to use the the javascript packages to build a tool just like this and embed it into our examination platform:

    Our end users (students) need an Excell like tool to produce sheets and upload the final result (this is for exams :slight_smile: ).

    When looking at the documentation it looks like we need to build a lot of stuff ourself ie. the menus and and we were hoping for more out of the box functionality.

    We are looking here:

    Am i misunderstanding the product or perhaps looking the wrong place ?

    Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

    Kind regards


  • Posted 21 March 2019, 9:59 pm EST

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for evaluating SpreadJS.

    SpreadJS perfectly fits your requirement. Spread is powerful and easy to use spreadsheet solution. Most of the tasks in spread could be performed by a few function calls.

    Please check out the following demos to get started with spreadJS:

    To create an excel like application as demonstrated in the WebDesigner sample( you shared, all we need to do is just arrange some buttons in UI(as required) for the user to interact and call spread methods to perform the specified operation.

    To get more out of the box functionalities you may use one of the following samples as a starting point and customize the application according to your requirement:

    • Inspector sample:

    • Excel mobile sample:

    The source code for the above samples is shipped along with the spread downloads. You may download the latest spreadJs build for the official site( and find the samples in Spread.Sheets > Spread.Sheets.Release.XX.X.X > samples folder.

    Further, If you need to create an app exactly as demonstrated in the WebDesigner sample( then you may also purchase a licence for the WebDesigner sample separately and get the source code for the sample.

    Please contact the sales team for more info about the licencing at



  • Posted 7 April 2019, 10:22 pm EST

    Hi Sharad

    Thank you. Sorry for my late reply (we have not setup our email probably so i was looking in the wrong place for a heads up).

    Well building the WebDesigner is actually exactly what we are looking for. There are only very small minor tweaks we need to do from a functional perspective.

    So we are interested in the cost of getting us there and also the costs going forward. How much code are we to maintain ourselft etc. Ideally we just want to enable a javascript library with a few calls in order to set it up, and then build a hook or something that saves the sheets on our servers in a special way.

    So i am curious if the WebDesigner is a large piece of code we then buy and then we need to maintain it ourselves. Is that the case here? Also, what is the cost for this code sample?

    Kind regards


  • Posted 9 April 2019, 9:53 pm EST

    Hi Kenneth,

    For this, you need to contact the sales team. Please contact the sales team at


  • Posted 15 May 2019, 8:32 am EST

    Hi Kenneth,

    We licensed the Web Designer source code last year. We wanted to add an ‘Excel-like’ experience to our platform. Some thing to note:

    1. It’s a one-price fee and you get the source code to do with what you want.
    2. It is not a supported application. It is more like a high-end sample program. They will keep it up to date with the latest SpreadJS, of course, but don’t expect much new functionality.

    We’re about to release our first application that includes the Web Designer. There are some definite limitations which come from not being a full supported application, like the single-resolution of the ribbon (can’t scale), a lack of internationalization, no apparent end-user documentation, and no way to minimize the ribbon (!?).

    Eventually (soon), once we’re convinced that they’re really not going to support the product, we’ll probably start trying to do it ourselves… Hoping to find some other Web Designer licensees that might want to share development costs.

    Hope it helps.


    Vince Huffaker

  • Posted 17 June 2019, 7:57 pm EST

    A very late thank you Vince :slight_smile:

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