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Posted by: jeg6 on 11 December 2020, 5:18 am EST

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    Posted 11 December 2020, 5:18 am EST

    Does anyone have an example of how to create a two tiered drop down in a farpoint.web.spread sheet column? As an example when the user clicks on the drop down I need them to see the unselectable headings “Fruits”, “Vegetables”, “Dairy”. And then when hovering over Fruits they see the selectable values of Grapes, Strawberries, etc.

  • Posted 15 December 2020, 10:52 pm EST


    We are sorry for the late response on this. For this, you need to implement a custom cell type that will show such a dropdown that has the above feature.

    Please refer to the following forum link which shows how you may implement TreeView as dropdown.

    Hope it helps!


    Manish Gupta

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