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Posted by: yianeco on 20 June 2020, 4:53 am EST

  • Posted 20 June 2020, 4:53 am EST


    Is there a way to scroll sheet programatically?



  • Posted 23 June 2020, 10:06 pm EST

    Hi Yiannis,

    You can use the ShowCell method for the purpose. This method scrolls the sheet so that the specified cell appears in the specified position, without changing the active cell.

    Here is the documentation link:



  • Posted 25 June 2020, 4:30 pm EST

    ShowCell is not helpful because in order to use it you need to pass the row number of the last (or first) row displaying on the screen. I do not know of anyway to get that row number.



  • Posted 25 June 2020, 9:02 pm EST

    Hi Yiannis,

    I am sorry but I could not get the last response. Can you please confirm what do you want to convey from that?


  • Posted 25 June 2020, 9:40 pm EST

    Programatically move the sheet (scroll bars)


  • Posted 30 June 2020, 9:32 pm EST

    Hi Yiannis,

    I have asked the developers for the same [internal tracking ID: 279161]. Will let you know once there is any information from them.


  • Posted 2 July 2020, 5:08 am EST

    Thank you.

    You but I must notice that similar issues/ requests are given a tracking number but we never hear from the developers. I have many examples that go back over a year ear and and nothing has happened.

    If you are not planning to to release an update for the software please let us know.

    Anyway, back to the issue in hand.

    I have noticed that when using page up key the vertical scrollbar is moving and the sheet moves also. But whe page down key this does not happen. Any explanation for this?. If page down key was working also I could use this for the purpose I want.



  • Posted 2 July 2020, 10:01 pm EST

    Hi Yiannis,

    Let me ask the developer regarding your case. Will get back to you on this.

    Also, I could not replicate the Page down key related issue at my end. When the key is pressed, the sheet is moved as expected. I verified the behavior using the following product sample:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\FarPoint Technologies\Spread 8\Samples\ActiveX\VB6\Demo Overview

    Can you please share a small project demonstrating the behavior you mentioned?


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