OCX does not register on new machines with windows 11

Posted by: ctalmeida on 29 April 2023, 1:10 am EST

  • Posted 29 April 2023, 1:10 am EST - Updated 29 April 2023, 1:15 am EST


    I have the FarPoint Spread OCX using on VB6 for almost 30 years. The version is the 2.5.

    I have a program that uses it and the ss32x25.ocx files always registered on any windows, even on windows 11.

    I got a new machine with windows 11 and is not registering on it, I checked for the dependencies and all files that the OCX depends are there.

    I have other windows 11 machines and the OCX register on them, then I try to install it on other new machine with window 11 and the OCX did not install.

    I compare the dates of all the files that the OCX depends on, the machine that the OCX register these files are the same date or even newer than the new machines.

    I have a license for the OCX since forever, I found my account in your site, is very old as it has an address we had 20 years ago or so.

    Is any way someone can help to figure why the OCX does not register.

    Thank you for your help.


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