Copy sheet and Preview(VB6.0 and Farpoint 7.0)

Posted by: thenndral on 17 May 2022, 5:20 pm EST

  • Posted 17 May 2022, 5:20 pm EST

    Dear All,

    I’m using Visual basic 6.0

    Farpoint Spread - 7.0 version

    I have two questions.

    1. How to copy sheets(with n number of data) in the same spread?

      SpreadName : fpCustomer

      Sheet name: Cutomerinvoice_tmp

      target Sheet Name: CS_Invoice22020518
    2. Preview Sheet: It is working well for the first time. ie when loaded for the first time. After clearing the data or modifying some data preview alignment is not the same.

    Please guide me to solve the above issue.

    Thanks and best regards,


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