DataViewsJS and Gantt chart options

Posted by: it on 10 February 2021, 11:00 pm EST

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    Posted 10 February 2021, 11:00 pm EST

    I have created a Gantt chart following this example and everything is working fine.

    Now I am trying to make the TimeLineScale customizable but I cannot find any example on how to use IGanttOptions or how to create a Gantt object.

    I have tried this without success:

    const dataView = new DataView(document.getElementById(this.ganttId), data, columns, new GridLayout{...});
    let g = new Gantt(dataView, { timeLineScale : "month" });
    g.timeLineScale = "month";

    Can you advice how to solve this?

    Thank you

  • Posted 11 February 2021, 9:59 pm EST

    I have found the solution. The problem was that the TimeLineScale of the Gantt is defined in the column definition and not in the DataView properties.

    let columns = [{
        id: 'gantt',
        ganttColumn: {
    	[b]timeLineScale: timeScale[/b],
    	scale: 300,
    	start: 'start',
    	end: 'end',
    	text: 'description'
        width: '*'
  • Posted 22 February 2021, 5:53 pm EST


    We are glad to know that you were able to find the solution, also thank you for sharing the solution with the community.

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