How to Linense .Key after 2021 Dec Update?

Posted by: famaya on 6 December 2021, 6:10 am EST

  • Posted 6 December 2021, 6:10 am EST

    Hello there.

    Im developing my apps using Visual Studio for Mac and Component One for Xamarin controls. I updated my packages and after that the method C1.iOS.Core.LicenseManager.Key = “ABwBH…” no longer exists…

    If I comment that line, then my app crashes after de message “The component one license key is invalid or missing”

    how can I use my license after I update???..

    the last OK version I used are:

    C1.iOS.core - 4.8.20212.504

    C1.iOS.Grid - 4.8.20212.504

    C1.iOS.Input - 4.8.20212.504

    The new version after update (the one that crashes)

    C1.iOS.core - 4.8.20213.508

    C1.iOS.Grid - 4.8.20213.508

    C1.iOS.Input - 4.8.20213.508

    I get the message “LicenseManager does not contain a definition for Key”.

    What can I do to use my license…??? How can I register the linense on my Mac???

  • Posted 8 December 2021, 8:04 pm EST

    Hi Felix

    With the 2021V3 of C1Xamarin, we have updated the licensing of the Xamarin application. You can remove the current “C1.iOS.Core.LicenseManager.Key = “ABwBH…”” line from the code and use the GrapeCity License Manager Extension to generate your license.

    For reference please have a look at the below documentation

    This license manager will generate the gclicx file for your application.

    Please let me know if you need any other help.


  • Posted 14 December 2021, 6:16 am EST

    Im working on Visual studio for MAC, can’t find any license manager, tried using the terminal gclm app but it says command not found.

    How in the MAC can I activate my license…???

  • Posted 30 May 2022, 10:35 pm EST

    Offline activation is not available for Visual Studio for Mac. To activate your Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Professional or Enterprise subscription, you must be connected to the internet when signing in.

  • Posted 21 June 2022, 9:53 pm EST


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