ActiveReports 12 SP1 Released!

Posted by: mateen.firoz on 4 April 2018, 7:38 am EST

  • Posted 4 April 2018, 7:38 am EST

    Excited to announce that we’ve released Service Pack 1 for ActiveReports 12 today. This service pack includes several enhancements for charts, shape controls, the CrossSectionBox control, and Maps. You can read all about the new features included in ActiveReports 12 here:

    Below you will also find a list of issues that were fixed in this service pack.

    By the way, this is a free update for existing AR12 users.

    ActiveReports 12 SP1 Download:

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    • “Case: 218080 - Html5 viewer MultiValue Parameter does not immediately refresh the content.”

    • “Case: 248391 - Value Expected’ icon appears when null and blank values are selected for Multivalue parameters in HTML5 viewer.”

    • “Case: 202412 - Use Single Transaction’ checkbox remains checked after user selects another data source type.”

    • “Case: 244604 - Hidden text should not be shown in the Search results in RDL report.”

    • “Case: 167540 - Printing merging reports of mixed orientation results in extra blank page.”

    • “Case: 253366 - The Oracle DataSet query must have a blank space before parameter name.”

    • “Case: 253208 - Expressions comparing boolean values are not processed if the right side contains an un-quoted boolean.”

    • “Case: 251680 - Exception occurs on previewing report containing a subreport when report data initialized in LocateDataSource event.”

    • “Case: 251570 - Memory leak on using many subreport with unique name and custom ResourceLocator.”

    • “Case: 250961 - Merging PDFs using PDF Rendering Extension produces blank pages in some PDF readers.”

    • “Case: 230728 - [DOC Export] Blank page is displayed if Arabic text is used.”

    • “Case: 250990 - ‘CrossAt’ property does not work for chart control.”

    • “Case: 238421 - HTML content is not exported to Word.”

    • “Case: 248579 - Page Header not expanding to fit subreport.”

    • “Case: 251388 - Tablix Sum in group total not working properly.”

    • “Case: 244502 - Table of Contents not working correctly with SubReport.”


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