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Posted by: sadhana on 21 July 2022, 6:51 am EST

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    Posted 21 July 2022, 6:51 am EST

    We are using Azure DevOps Pipelines for CI/CD. It is currently configured to use hosted Azure pipelines. Based on the following link: it states to install the GrapeCity License Manager (gclm) in the pipeline. How can that be accomplished in Azure DevOps? I don’t see a DevOps task that downloads and installs on the Azure Hosted agent. in other words, how do we compile an AR15 dependent assembly in Azure DevOps if we cannot install Active Reports on the cloud build agent?

    Bottom line is that I am looking to activate a license on the agent so that our .Net Framework 4.8 desktop application can build successfully within the CI pipeline. My individual machine is licensed and the application compiles, however, the builds in the Azure Pipeline using Azure Hosted Pipelines are failing.

  • Posted 21 July 2022, 8:30 pm EST

    Hi Sadhan,

    It seems that you might have created a duplicate case. Please refer to your support case Case ID: CAS-33002-N0Q9C2.

    For others reading this forum post having a similar issue please note you can download the GrapeCity License Manager use the following command in Command Prompt:

    curl -o gclm_deploy.exe ""

    Now, To run and install the downloaded file simply call the following command:

    start gclm_deploy.exe

    For Azure DevOps build agent, you can add a command line task to run the above commands. Please refer to the following page Microsoft documentation for creating a command line task:

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