VSPrint8: Problems with DEP

Posted by: pholm on 7 December 2020, 11:50 pm EST

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    Posted 7 December 2020, 11:50 pm EST


    We have been using VSPrint8 and VSPdf8 in for many years, our application being developed with Progress OpenEdge. We are now in the process of upgrading OpenEdge from v11.5 to v 11.7, and experience that the 64-bit versions of these two components won’t load during runtime.

    Progress software says that this is due to their 11.7 version being compiled with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) compliance, and suggests that we upgrade VSPrint8 and VSPdf8 to a newer versions.

    Our current version of the components is 8.0.20112,0163, has there been any updates since this version?

    Best regards,

    Per Holm

  • Posted 10 December 2020, 11:25 pm EST

    Hi Per,

    Yes, there have been many changes in the product. I would suggest you to evaluate the latest version of the product at your end first. You can download it from here:


    Run the installer at your end and choose ActiveX from the list of products to be installed.

    Note- We don’t officially support IDE’s outside of Visual Studio.



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