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Posted by: jlindemann on 22 February 2023, 1:29 am EST

  • Posted 22 February 2023, 1:29 am EST

    We’re trying to make a dashboard with a series of dynamically sized ‘widgets’(reports). just basic pie charts and graphs etc… The problem i’m having is when i make a basic pie chart report the size is statically set in the designer and i cant seem to find a way to get it to resize to the size of its container or shrink with the page/container. i know this would be possible with svg’s alone but it looks like the tool is setting the doc size to numerous other html elements that will prevent the resizing. Several of these have no name or class and all are using inline styles so removing/overriding them in code would be difficult to do.

  • Posted 22 February 2023, 8:22 pm EST


    Unfortunately, ActiveReportsJS does not support dynamically resized items.

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