Hiding the file button on the web designer

Posted by: ewan.johnstone on 17 May 2023, 3:29 am EST

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    Posted 17 May 2023, 3:29 am EST


    I am wanting to hide the file button from the designer UI as we do not use it.

    The only way I have found to hide it is to set appBar.visible = false in the designer settings but this hides the preview button which we do use. Is there a setting for hiding just the file button that for some reason isn’t documented in the API? Or perhaps another way of hiding this element manually?

  • Posted 21 May 2023, 11:07 am EST

    Hi Ewan,

    The file button on the designer appears when the ‘OnOpenFileMenu’ ActionHandler has been implemented in your project, upon removing/commenting the same the File menu button can be removed from your designer.

    Please find attached a sample implementing the ‘OnOpenFileMenu’ ActionHandler, try removing the function from line 81 in the ‘index.html’ file in order to remove the ‘File’ button.

    You may learn more about ActionHandlers here ActiveReportsJS Report Designer Action Handlers.




  • Posted 21 May 2023, 9:10 pm EST

    Hi Anand,

    Just realised I’ve asked on the wrong forum, I’m using the JS ar-designer package of the .net version, not JS.

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