Problem upgrading from version 13 to 16

Posted by: kevin.klug on 11 March 2022, 9:58 am EST

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    Posted 11 March 2022, 9:58 am EST - Updated 30 September 2022, 6:16 am EST

    I have many Active Reports 13 programs currently on Net Framework 4.8 and am in the process of both upgrading the reports to version 16 and the whole project to Net 6.0.

    After doing the upgrade to Active Reports 16 everything looks good and I can view my report designer and see all my controls, etc. However, after I upgrade the project to Net 6.0 the designer will no longer load. Instead I get an error screen stating "Method not found: ‘System.String System.AppDomainSetup.get_LicenseFile()’. From googling this is appears this is an outdated way of getting licensing information that is no longer available in Net 6.0 which makes it look like the Active Reports in my project are still using the old licensing lookup.

    I am also getting an issue loading System.Runtime version trying to compile which I believe is trying to be linked by the Active Reports objects, but I’m not sure about that part.

    Any help anyone can provide on what might be going on here would be greatly appreciated. I am out of ideas.

    Thank you.

  • Posted 13 March 2022, 8:51 pm EST


    Unfortunately, Designing code based section report in .Net 6 is not supported at the moment. Please refer to the following link to design the report as a workaround:

    Furthermore, It is not possible to install ActiveReports 16 and ActiveReports 13 side-by-side on a given system. Please try uninstalling ActiveReports 13 and then try rebuilding the above project,

    For more information, please refer to the below link:


    Dushyant Sharma

  • Posted 14 March 2022, 1:27 am EST

    Thank you for the response.

    Is there an estimated time when Active Reports will be fully supported in Net Core 6.0?

    Do the Active Reports 16 objects reference System.Runtime or should I look elsewhere for that issue?

    Thank you,

    Kevin Klug

  • Posted 14 March 2022, 10:29 pm EST


    For the time being there is no roadmap available for designing code-based section reports in .Net 6 at the moment. We will let you know if there is any update on this.

    Furthermore, Could you provide us with a sample application depicting the above issue so that we could debug it and reply accordingly?


    Dushyant Sharma

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