License Issue Upgrading from V13 to v16

Posted by: andrew.williams on 3 May 2023, 4:54 am EST

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    Posted 3 May 2023, 4:54 am EST

    I’m working on an .NET MVC 5 application and we’re in the process of upgrading active reports from v13 to v16. The solution itself is composed of many projects but mainly a web site project will call down to a service project that does that actual report generation. When we used v13 we were able to use a license dll that was just included in the solution, but it looks like this was removed in v16.

    I’ve ensured that all relevant projects have the licenses.licx file with the necessary entries, and this works locally but not on the server. I have also tried adding a .gclicx file per the documentation but that also isn’t working.

    We don’t have a license installed on the server as it’s just used for internal testing. I see in the documentation that gclm.exe needs to be called at runtime for the gclicx file to work. I have a v16 license on my dev machine but does this mean that every server now needs a license in order to render reports with v16? Or is there some other way to get this to work like it did with v13?

  • Posted 3 May 2023, 9:50 pm EST

    Hi Andrew,

    If you are only using ActiveReports in a class library project then you don’t require to license your server. However, if you are building a project on your server which directly references ActiveReports packages then you’ll need to license your server as well.

    In the case where you are only using ActiveReports packages in a class library and then using this class library in your web application, you’ll just need to generate a ‘.gclicx’ license file, and embed it to your project. However, please make sure you delete the ‘licenses.licx’ file from your class library/web application as we are licensing the project using ‘.gclicx’ license file.

    You may follow the steps provided here Licensing Compiled Code to correctly generate a ‘.gclicx’ license file.

    • For the command in the above-mentioned link: “[Entry Assembly Name].[Calling Assembly Name].dll” the Entry Assembly is the assembly name of your application which calls all of the DLLs. In your case, it is your Web Application and the Calling Assembly Name is the assembly name of your Class Library project.
    • Copy the generated ‘.gclicx’ license file to your Class Library project and set its ‘Build Action’ to ‘Embedded Resource’. Also, make sure you delete the ‘licenses.licx’ file from your class library/web application.
    • Now rebuild your class library, and it is now licensed to be used with your Web Application on any licensed/unlicensed machine.

    However, if the issue persists could you provide us with the following information:

    • Your project structure.
    • The exact command you used to generate the .gclicx file?
    • The assembly name of your Web Application and Class Library assembly name.
    • Share the above generated .gclicx file.



  • Posted 4 May 2023, 6:39 am EST

    Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood which server needed the license. I thought it was the webserver, but it sounds like it only needs to be on the build server. I’ll try again with the license on the build server. Thanks!

  • Posted 4 May 2023, 2:31 pm EST

    Hi Andrew,

    Glad we were able to help!



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