ActiveReports 16.4

Posted by: alec.gall on 20 April 2023, 6:33 am EST

  • Posted 20 April 2023, 6:33 am EST

    Hi all,

    Below is the list of fixes applied in ActiveReports 16.4

    AR-29005 Controls appears with invalid overflow order in case of RTF export

    AR-29182 Positioning is incorrect in cm measurement

    AR-29246 Validation fails for a valid connection string with security info persistence disabled

    AR-29673 Distribute and DistributeAllLines not works correctly with Legacy setting of Line breaking algorithm

    AR-29675 Advanced data source settings are not added to the connection string

    AR-29678 Data source credentials settings do not override ‘Save my password’ option on adding a data set

    AR-29696 Editing the password directly in the connection string resets its saving setting for OLE DB provider

    AR-29698 Changes to password in the Credentials tab not reflected in the connection string

    AR-29699 Selecting ‘No credentials’ option in Credentials does not reset the user name and password in the connection string

    AR-29707 System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid when previewing “FontStyle.rdlx” report in the CustomTileProvider sample

    AR-29723 [Font Factory] | Does not seem to work with SectionReports.

    AR-29730 Report header / footer added to content report not rendered in preview

    AR-29742 create a report contains bullet, save the report and reopen, the report can not preview

    AR-29757 Error when executing file converter against ASP.NET website

    AR-29775 NullReferenceException occurs when the available value of a parameter that allows multiple values contains an empty character.

    AR-29776 When table is nested into the container, created in WebDesigner, the container is not stretched by the table in preview

    AR-29783 When the report item size larger than designer, warning “Report item could not exceed page size” show forever

    AR-29796 Can preview report in ar-designer but can not preview in ar-viewer.

    AR-29808 [SectionReport-CrossPlatform] [Export] | PDF Export does not follow the WYSIWYG layout when using ‘\t’ characters.

    AR-29861 Preview a report contains a table and the table only have one row, there is a blank page.

    AR-29908 [RDLReport] [Image] | Image does not align in the preview.

    AR-29927 [RDLReport] [Export] | Page size gets reduced by value specified in Page Margins instead of adding margin in the preview on choosing ‘Save as PDF’ option from Print dialog.

    AR-29967 JSViewer shows “index was outside the bounds” error when previewing a report with hidden column

    AR-29994 Unable to render some charts when Animation is enabled

    AR-29998 [Export] [CustomFont] | When using the ‘Volvo Novum - Regular’ font in a TextBox if we export the report to PDF it renders it with ‘Volvo Novum - Light’ font.

    AR-30013 [Multi-Section Report] Table of Contents the serial number resets for each report section.

    AR-30113 Setting the network address in data source advanced settings incorrectly sets data source in connection string

    AR-30122 ActiveReports JSViewer Print issue on Safari

    AR-30153 Controls jump around on snapping them to Table / Tablix

    AR-30207 [SectionReport] [TextBox] | TextBox with padding overlaps line control placed beside it.

    AR-30210 ‘The object was not in the correct state’ exception on exporting to image

    AR-30211 [SectionReport] [Export] | Exporting a combined SectionDocument utilizes high memory.

    AR-30221 [SectionReport] [RichTextBox] | Assigning border-top to an HTML element gives NullReferenceException on report preview.

    AR-30281 [SectionReport] [BarCode] | Incorrect UCCEAN128 BarCode for a certain value.

    AR-30304 Controls jump around on snapping to BandedList

    AR-30322 The same file uses different versions to print and export pdf, and the number of pages of the file is inconsistent

    AR-30359 Pdf size is increased after AR-29435

    AR-30368 Multiple errors on building ‘Calendar’ sample

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