ActiveReports 16.1 Has Released!

Posted by: alec.gall on 3 June 2022, 3:26 am EST

  • Posted 3 June 2022, 3:26 am EST

    ActiveReports 16.1 is live! This will be the first service pack release for ActiveReports 16 and is available for free to all current ActiveReports 16 subscribers.

    For more information on the exciting new features arriving with 16.1, check out the release blog here:

    Below you will find a list of reported issues that were fixed in this service pack:

    ActiveReports 16.1 Download:

    • "

    • “Case: AR-28298 - Justified alignment in formatted text has been fixed in the Web Designer and JS Viewer.”

    • “Case: AR-28286 - JS Viewer TreeView dropdown parameter UI no longer shows a “null” root if the name of the grouping field contains a space.”

    • “Case: AR-28300 - Humanist 777 BT and Future fonts can now be embedded with PDF output”

    • “Case: AR-28570 - Tokens should now be properly added in the Request Header on export and print”


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