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Redact PDF Content Programmatically using a .NET PDF API library

Remove Confidential Information using .NET PDF API Library

Use the Document Solutions for PDF API library to remove confidential and sensitive content from PDF Documents, built-in C#, VB.NET, or any other .NET language and add multiple redactions in a PDF document.

  • Easily remove PDF text or images permanently
  • Protect personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Prohibits users to copy/paste/print redacted content
  • Allow users to easily redact PDF content on the client-side with a Professional Document Solutions PDF Viewer license
Download Free Trial (v 7.1.2)

Confidential Content

Safely and efficiently apply redaction to remove content access for confidential or selected material. The content is removed entirely from PDF and cannot be copied or pasted to any other document.


Use a single line of code to redact individual or multiple areas of text or images, all at one time.

Online PDF Viewer

Apply redaction properties on one or several areas marked for removal in our JavaScript Document Solutions PDF Viewer. Copy and paste are disabled after content is redacted.

Find and Redact

Find specific text, words, or phrases in one or more PDF documents that contain searchable text and mark it for redaction and removal.

Redact Customer Information from PDF Invoices using a .NET PDF API Library


Redact the customer's information to share it for review with other members of an organization.

Remove confidential content from PDF legal documents programmatically in .NET apps

Legal Contracts

Remove confidential content from legal contracts before publishing.

Redact data from PDF forms using a .NET PDF Library

Redact Content

Redact personally identifiable information like Social Security Number (SSN)

Redact sensitive materials in PDF documents using a .NET server-side PDF API

Jury Instructions

Redact sensitive materials in jury instructions that affect ongoing investigations.

Programmatically remove text, images or any other content from PDF documents before publishing or sharing

Hide Employee Data

Remove text, images or any other content from documents before publishing or sharing.

Top Redaction Features of a .NET PDF API

Programmatically Apply Annotation Overlay with a .NET PDF API

Overlay Text and Color

Want to apply text like "Confidential" or redaction with some color? Apply OverlayText and OverlayFillColor properties that will appear over the redacted content, once removed or blocked out from the PDF.

Learn More View Demo
Send for Redaction using a JavaScript PDF Viewer

Send for Redaction

Apply MarkFillColor and MarkBorderColor properties to mark confidential areas for redaction.

Learn More View Demo
Repeat Overlay Text with the JavaScript DsPDF Viewer

Repeat Overlay Text

Apply repeated text over redacted content using OverlayTextRepeat.

Learn More View Demo

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