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Innovative WPF Layout Controls

Deliver unique user experiences with our innovative and one-of-a-kind WPF layout controls.

  • Display UI pages using an animated page-turning Book control
  • Provide more interesting and interactive lists with Hyper and Carousel panels
  • Create dashboards, detail views, photo galleries, and more with our TileView
  • Supports .NET Framework 4.5.2 and 4.6
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Why Choose ComponentOne WPF Layout Panels?

Fill the Gaps

ComponentOne WPF layout controls fill the gap in your toolbox with more useful panels like zoom and carousel and unique layouts like book and tile view.

Create Interactive UI

ComponentOne WPF layout controls include one-of-a-kind book and tile view controls allowing you to create interesting and interactive user interfaces.

Maintain .NET Framework Applications

The ComponentOne Book, Carousel, HyperPanel and TileView controls are supported in .NET Framework only.

Advanced WPF Layout Controls

WPF Book Control

Present your WPF UI elements as if they were pages in a physical book or magazine. The C1Book control provides an interactive and unique way to visualize items, complete with shadows and smooth, page-turning animations.

WPF Carousel Panel

Turn a flat list of items into a virtualizing WPF carousel. C1CarouselPanel is a virtualizing panel control that arranges child elements along an arbitrary 3D path with true 3D perspectives and scrolling animation.

WPF Zoom Panel

The C1HyperPanel control provides an automatic zoom effect for items near the mouse. This allows you to display display a large number of elements in a small container.

WPF Tile View

Expand and collapse tiles to view more or less information. Show off the true power of WPF in your apps with this highly visual and interactive C1TileView control. Minimize items to the top, left, bottom, or right side and users can drag tiles to rearrange them.